This is a tremendously exciting time to be part of the KICS family.  You will be part of a dynamic team of over sixty teachers of varying nationalities, working towards laying the groundwork for a fairly  new school that is the school of choice for families looking for an international standard of education for their children, following the IB curriculum.

The school offers state of the art facilities and well resourced classrooms and libraries, in addition to small class sizes teaching and learning should be fun for both students and teachers alike.

KICS provides a very competitive benefits package.

If you are interested in a position at KICS please submit an application addressed to the Principal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Please include a covering letter, curriculum vitae with recent photograph and contact information (emails and/or phone numbers) of two readily contactable referees, one of whom should be your current employer.

Working at KICS

"Working at KICS has been very rewarding for both my wife and myself. The students are fantastic and I challenge you to find more respectful, polite students anywhere. Classroom management is at the most minimal and the students are actively engaged in their subjects. The school is exceptionally well resourced and although Sudan can at times be difficult to find teaching resources, it isn’t a problem at KICS as the school supplies everything! The campus is state of the art and very well maintained. Staff enjoy access to all of the facilities outside of school hours including Nile access, possibly the best pool in Sudan, a well equipped weights room and coffee shop."

- Jamie Lynch, HS PE Teacher, New Zealand

"Working at KICS has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned and grown so much during my time here. The school is making some incredible advances, such as with technology and advances in teaching, and there is still much to accomplish. The support and autonomy I receive from the school gives me what I need to to work with students and faculty to create great learning. This ethos of accomplishment around here permeates all aspects of life at KICS. Additionally, our home is great. I have lived across much of Asia for more than 25 years, and this is the best accommodation package I’ve been offered. The home is spacious and well furnished, the car is nice, most of our utilities are taken care of our supported."

- Brad Arnold, Director of Education Technology, USA

"I have been at KICS  many years now (since 2006) and one reason is the quality of the school programme overall. Everyone works very hard to provide a top quality educational environment for the students as well as a comfortable living experience for staff at KICS. I would be hard pressed to find issues or problems that are not being dealt with in one way or another. I would agree that no school is perfect but people here really do care about the needs and concerns of each other on all levels of life here."

- Robert Denzel, USA, Senior Music Teacher


"Among the many positive aspects of working at KICS, are the facilities, which are world class. They are modern, impeccably clean, and support a wide variety of student and faculty activities from drama to swimming to band. I especially appreciate the library. For a school our size, our library holdings are impressive, and when I have needed texts we don’t own, the school has done everything in their power to get them."

- Brad Butler, Head of English, USA


"I love working at KICS. It is a friendly place where it is easy to get to know other members of staff and the pupils. Teachers here work very hard to make it an effective but pleasant learning environment for pupils. It is also a place where teachers are encouraged to continue their own learning for example by holding regular school-based learning opportunities as well as providing all teachers with PD funds to spend on external learning opportunities. Although the school is small (which of course has many benefits) it is well-resourced and there is always lots going on - pupils are really encouraged to pursue their interests with a wide range of extra-curricular activities available to them as well as regular shows and sports tournaments."


- Jessica Winter, EAL Teacher, UK


"The school has a very good cafeteria with reasonably priced food and good meals.  I can always find something for lunch whether it is a salad or a hot meal.  An added plus is their café where you can get a coffee or cappuccino."

- Kathy Stefanides, English Teacher, USA



"The accommodation for expat teachers at KICS varies on your situation (single, couple, children) but all apartments/houses are well equipped with furniture, electronics, AC and even cable TV. All apartments have balconies if you want to BBQ and some have access to gardens. Security staff are on site 24 hours a day and always meet you with a smile and will help with your groceries or any sudden issues that may arise. The school has a good helpdesk for any maintenance issues, sometimes they are easily fixed and sometime they take longer, depending on the issue. The best part about the accommodation is how close it is to school – for most locations you can leave your apartment and be at school with the same song playing on the radio!"


- Jamie Lynch, PE Teacher, New Zealand

"Admittedly, as a father, the notion of bringing my wife and tweenaged son, to Khartoum was both exciting and daunting, but all apprehensions dissipated within the first 48 hours of our arrival. The fully equipped quarters assigned to us is quite pleasant, maintaining the yard is a task we assigned to our son, Thor, who is thrilled that (finally) he is designated with household responsibility. Of course, making the house a home comes from within one’s perception, it took a couple of weeks to settle in, rearranging furniture and such. We sampled most of the food of the surrounding restaurants but I knew, the night Thor and I came home to the mixed aromas of my wife Annette’s kitchen; home baked bread, steamed rice and adobo; we were home."


- Lawrence Espinosa, Drama Teacher, Philippines

"We live in Giad which is close to KICS.  All staff apartments I have visited are a decent size and do not feel cramped.  Ours is a spacious apartment with ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom and 2 additional toilets and a balcony.  The apartment is fully furnished down to towels and sheets and had everything  we needed apart from a few additional kitchen items we wanted.  The only downside of the apartment is that it is quite dark in the living areas due to the internal configuration of the apartment which requires some areas to have lights on in the middle of the day.  We are very happy with  how the school has done its utmost to make sure we had what we needed in the apartment before we arrived down to a fridge stocked with the basics for a few days  for when we arrived .  Some apartment buildings don’t have gardens which can be a downside as Khartoum is not a very green city.  Our building has a generator  which is important as the power frequently goes out, however you are not inconvenienced for more than 10 minutes before the generator kicks in and you have power again."


- Jeanette Brooker, Libraries Manager, New Zealand

"The accommodation provided by the school is well equipped, spacious and modern. I arrived with my partner and we have a large apartment with both a spare bedroom and study room. There is (quite slow) internet access and cable TV. The school really thinks about the small details, even providing sheets and towels. Most accommodation is located within a 15 minute drive to school and within walking distance of a shop. The school has a maintenance team that is very helpful if you do have any issues with your accommodation." 

- Jessica Winter, EAL Teacher, UK


"Accommodation organised by KICS in Khartoum is spacious and modern in certain aspects, taking consideration you are in Africa some areas are less updated, but you have all the necessities and commodities you can wish for. I have washing machine,  American style fridge freezer, flat screen TV with access to cable channels and each room has fully functioning AC. Addition to this I am able enjoy the gorgeous sunrise or sunset from the balcony of my flat. Housing is also near the school and despite road conditions that can occasionally be quite challenging especially during the rainy season, the distance is still short and easy to navigate when you get your bearings in the beginning."

- Paula Pasanen, Head of Visual Arts, Finland