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Student Support Services

"The mission of the SSS department is to ensure that the individual needs of each learner are met. The SSS teachers are committed to supporting students, teachers, administrators and parents with the attitudes, skills, direction and resources to achieve high quality learning."

English as an Additional Language

As a school that welcomes students from over 40 nationalities, KICS recognises that some students joining the school will require language support in order to achieve competency in basic interpersonal communication and also to ensure that they are able to succeed academically.

The EAL Program at KICS aims to:

    - Develop the students’ ability to communicate effectively in English at an academic level.

    - Develop the student’s cognitive and conceptual learning whilst they are learning in English.

    - Ensure that students from language backgrounds other than English have access to the same educational opportunities as other students in the school.

    - Orient students to the cultural patterns of international school life so they can fully participate in school and community activities.

    - Value the linguistic and cultural identities each student brings.

Although students who require English Language support will be placed on the EAL program with designated language acquisition lessons, most of their time will be spent in the mainstream classroom with their peers. As a result, EAL teachers work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that the educational needs of EAL students are met across the curriculum.

Learning Support and Special Educational Needs

Khartoum International Community School (KICS) is an inclusive school welcoming learners with a range of cultural and educational backgrounds, languages, talents and abilities. The Student Support Services Department (SSS) works across the school with teachers in order to support a student-centered environment where each individual’s learning potential is maximized. In most cases, students are able to access and make good progress within the mainstream classroom as all KICS teachers have received training in and are experienced in supporting students who have a wide range of abilities across the learning spectrum.

For students who enter the school with a diagnosed Special Educational Need (SEN) or who are identified as requiring additional support with their learning, the SSS Department will work in partnership with the student, parents and teachers to provide an Individual Action Plan (IAP). An IAP aims to bridge learning gaps and better enable a child to succeed within the mainstream curriculum.

This additional support can take a variety of forms depending on the need of the child:

-       In-class support

-       Instruction in small groups either in or outside of the classroom

-       Individual one-on-one instruction