Primary Section

O.D.E “A student’s journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath their own feet”


Students from Years 3-6 in the Primary Section participate in the KICS Outdoor Education Program. The Outdoor Education Program is sequential and an integral part of the school curriculum; the experiences at each year level build up from previous year levels. The program encourages students to understand their identity, their community and their relationship with the natural world outside of the normal school classroom.

All students are expected to take part in the ODE trips since they are tied to the classroom curriculum and lead students to learn independence, cooperation, and commitment.  The ODE program is challenging, but the activities are carefully designed to provide students with appropriate challenges which leave them proud of themselves.

Year 3 students participate in adventure challenge games in an outdoor venue off campus. In these games they learnt basic team work and leadership skills.   The Year 3 ODE trip is a day trip.

Year 4 students experience their first overnight trip in the safety of the school field.  They practice basic camp craft such as; pitching tents, safely using gas cookers, packing and carrying backpacks and sharing their living space with others.  This overnight experience under the stars in the familiar environment is a pivotal step for these young explorers.

Year 5 students spend the day doing team building and cooperative games at a nearby farm/weekend villa garden in Soba.  They then pitch tents with their group and camp out under the stars away from the city for the first time.  Students work in their tent groups to plan a menu and then cook their food for the evening using the gas stoves. They also gain experience carrying their equipment a short distance in preparation for future O.D.E’s.

Year 6
students participate in an overnight trip and a hike in the desert.  This is the first experience many students have packing and carrying a backpack with all the supplies they need for camping.  In addition, teams of students must plan a menu, purchase and cook their meals, and pitch and sleep in a tent. In the morning students climb a rocky Jebel and watch the sunrise.   Once the students have descended from the Jebel they break down and pack up the camp before walking out to meet the buses.

For all the students these trips have been great fun and one of the highlights of their school year at KICS!

Senior Section

Here at KICS we have an active Outdoor Education program offering all children in the senior school the opportunity to:
•  Learn outdoor survival skills
•  Improve problem solving skills
•  Enhance teamwork
•  Develop leadership skills
•  Understand natural environments
We believe that the Outdoor Education program will provide all students with the opportunity to push their own personal boundaries in a supporting and nurturing environment - be it canoeing on the Nile, hiking in the desert or just spending the night away from home.

The O.D.E program extends and challenges every student, helping to promote leadership, strong values, resilience and independence. It will also prepare students for the CAS component of the IB Diploma program.
The main aims of our O.D.E program here at KICS is to:
•  Learn how to overcome adversity
•  Enhance personal and social development
•  Develop a deeper relationship with nature.
The culmination of our O.D.E program is the Year 12 trip to Thailand through the Visiting School Program in Chiang Mai. These wonderful opportunities provide all children with authentic outdoor contexts to meet various challenges and obstacles, which is at the heart of our O.D.E program here at KICS.