KICS libraries are central to the implementation of the philosophy of an IBO education by encouraging a spirit of inquiry in our students. Our commitment to this spirit of inquiry and creativity is made evident in the centrality of our three section libraries, with a collection of over 49,767 books in total, and subscriptions to many international publications plus online research services.  Students can access the Libraries catalogue, Oliver from any computer at school or at home via the internet.


Children’s books today are exciting, informative, imaginative resources designed to encourage a love of books and reading. A children’s library should do the same. At KICS all that goes on in the Infant library, be it story telling, quiet reading or learning how to use the library is focused on that goal.

Our Infant Library has over 8,012 resources. These range from Picture books to Reference books. Arabic, Spanish, French and several of our students’ home languages are catered for as well. E-Books books are also a valued part of the Infant collection. 

Students come to the library twice a week during lesson times and Years 1 and 2 can also come during Fatour. When appropriate, students visit the library on their own enabling them to gain the confidence which will prepare them for their move to the Junior Section. Parents are encouraged to share in the enjoyment of books and facilities of the Infant Library with their children from 1pm until 3.30pm. 



Having learned to enjoy books and libraries in the Infants, students move to the Junior Library with ease. Here they are encouraged to continue reading and our dedicated library staff try to ensure they hear and read a wide range of genres. 
Students have the opportunity to develop information skills by using the library catalogue, book indexes, iPads and the internet. In their weekly Library session, they develop their listening abilities on the Story Rug, and then proceed to work on improving their proficiency at finding information that they need to help them in all areas of the curriculum.
The Junior library also  has over 9,987 books and a number of magazines. Our commitment to the ideals of the IBO is borne out in the growing collection of resources in our students’ Home Languages. Skills identified in the IB Learner Profile are facilitated and developed in the library leading to a creative, self motivated independent learner. 
Library Staff encourage students to adopt a mature approach to using the library. Some become Library Helpers, some join in library events and others write recommendations or book reviews. Some however just simply come to relax and read a magazine during their breaks. 


Our magnificent Senior Library is located at the heart of the Senior campus accessible in both location and usage, being open before and after the regular school day and also on Saturday mornings from 9-12. 
Holding over 31,768 book resources, subscribing to many journals plus hundreds of DVDs and music CDs, the library aims to resource the demands of the IB Diploma, IGCSE and student and teacher needs. KICS also subscribes to an on line research service JSTOR. 

Reflecting the IB focus on internationalism, the Senior Library collection contains an impressive range of world literature including a growing African and Sudanese collection. 

In addition to significant collections of books in our taught languages of Arabic, Spanish and French, we also stock a growing number of Home Language texts such as Malay, Dutch and Russian to help support our International student body.

Events organized by the Libraries are designed to encourage literacy and a love of reading. Displays, visiting authors, reading groups and fun events are designed to encourage and promote authors and reading. Popular reads, recommendations by both staff and students are highlighted as well as a focus on the English Department’s Reading Programme. All are intended to stimulate dialogue between readers. Serious well-grounded research is central to the success of an IB students and this and issues such as plagiarism are a high priority with library staff. The Library provides Blended Learning support for students by providing resources for reading and research on the school Moodle site.

The Senior Library also offers Community Membership by subscription, available to parents or grandparents of students. 

Reading Initiatives and Promotion

To emphasize the high priority placed on encouraging reading at KICS, students and staff take part in a variety of reading and book award events throughout the year.  
Staff participate in reading the Man Booker Shortlist of 6 novels, and voting for their winning title. There is also the KICS Funny Prize by Infant students. A great deal of laughter takes place during this time.

In the Junior Section, KICS hosts the Nile Book Awards, an inter-country reading event where students from different schools in North-Eastern Africa read the same books and vote for their favourite. Students participate in blogs to share their opinions of the books and exchange opinions. After voting it is fun to compare results.

In the Senior Section students shadow the Costa Book Award, a UK award for teenage fiction and vote on their favourite book.  Students don’t always agree with the Costa Award judges! There are so many benefits for students from participating in these Book Events. Along with the encouragement of good reading habits student appreciate that the books selected are recently published, well-reviewed titles that are being read far and wide.  This engenders a feeling of being part of a worldwide community of readers.