Our Technology Resources

At KICS Education Technology is used to develop the environment and promote the meaningful use of technology to support student learning. KICS provides the digital facilities for teachers and students to share information, promote inquiry, support productivity, enhance communications among stakeholders on and off campus, and allow school administrators to manage the school effectively.


Our existing IT infrastructure:

Computing and Communications

•    Internet - Whole school access to the Internet is available through one 20 Mbps fiber optic line, and one 10 Mbps wireless line.

•    Network - All sections of the school, administrative offices, libraries and other areas of the school are connected via a fibre optic backbone supporting a 100 Mbps LAN.
•    Servers - The school's network is powered by a collection of servers and virtual servers to support all digital learning and management systems.
•    Mobile Technology - The school has over 400 student and staff tablet devices and laptop computers spread across all divisions, year levels, and departments. Students in Little KICS to Year 2 used shared sets of iPads. In Years 3 through 11 all students are provided with school issued iPads, and from Years 12 to 13 students are provided with school issued MacBook Airs.
•    Wireless Access - All instructional spaces, administration offices, libraries and student areas of the school have wireless access to network and internet resources.

Applications and Systems

•    Learning Management System - KICS uses Moodle, referred to as KicsLearns, for our virtual school system. All classes from Little KICS to year 13 have virtual classrooms where students and teachers interact online in a blended learning environment.

•    School Management System - We use Ed-Admin, referred to as Ronnie, a web-based integrated school information and management system for admissions, attendance, reporting, school finance, community access, extra-currucular activities, and more.

•    Web Page - The school has an informative user friendly content-rich website.
•    Library Management System - Oliver is our web based library inventory service encompassing cataloging, circulation, inventory, and public access catalog capabilities. The database allows us to track patrons, titles, usage data, and collection development in order to optimize our services for students, teachers and families.
•    Online Educational Systems - The school subscribes to services such as Managebac, Seesaw and myHomework to further support student learning through portfolio building, planning, reporting, and blogging.

Technical Support Services

Dedicated technical support personnel are available during the school's working hours and Saturdays to provide technical support. The IT Support team are continuously monitoring the network, connectivity, security, backups, and other technical matters, as well as improving their technical knowledge and skills.

Mobile Technology Education and Professional Development

Students, parents, and teachers at all year levels in all subject areas are expected to engage in learning with mobile technology when and where appropriate. To support this, KICS has developed specific standards for engagement that set the foundation for a strong and exemplary technology integration program. Professional development for teachers is provided in house, and assistance is provided for teachers to receive advanced PD outside of school.

User Policies

Network and acceptable use policies provide students, parents, and staff with the guidelines for the safe and secure use of technology systems in the school.