We strive to make use of our local community and the rich history, culture and geography of Sudan to help our students forge links between important concepts of local, national and global significance.


Field trips may include visits to the museum, factories, farms, the recycling centre, the local market or more adventurous trips to camp in the desert or by the Nile as part of our Outdoor Education Programme.


Every opportunity is taken to undertake fieldwork and visits within Sudan.The Senior Section has a number of long-standing trips and visits, both within Khartoum and further afield. Field trips within Khartoum include Geography fieldwork to the River Nile, Tuti Island and downtown; Art visits to the museums and for live drawing opportunities; and Science visits to the DAL group laboratories. All Year groups undertake an Outdoor Expedition (ODE) to desert or lake areas near Khartoum.

Further afield, Senior students have the opportunity to take part in the annual Ski trip to Switzerland. In addition, cultural trips are arranged each year based around the study of languages (French trips to Paris and/or Normandy; Arabic trips to the Middle East) or to see those things that students may not otherwise experience (e.g. the rich cultures of China or Rome). Each year, Year 12 students spend two weeks in Thailand on their Leadership expedition.