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KICS students have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of athletics at recreational and competitive levels.

Our student athletes participate in one main conference, the Khartoum International School Sport Conference (KISSC) and also compete against other local schools during the regular season.

High school athletics provides a competitive sports program for students Year 7 through 13, as well as other extra curricular sports clubs and training activities.
Primary school athletes, Year 1 through 6, have the opportunity to enroll into KICS’ extensive extra curricular activities (ECA) program.  Activities such as swimming, soccer, basketball, tae kwando and tennis are available to them here.

During the school year all KICS students have multiple opportunities to compete against each other during in-house sport events; swim gala’s, track & field meets, tennis tournaments, etc.  Preparation for these events will be done during their compulsory PE class times.

KICS athletes will also get the opportunity to travel to international sport tournaments.  In the past our athletes have acquitted themselves well during tennis, soccer or track & field events.

At KICS we are passionate about our students and passionate about their success in the athletic arena.

Go Rhinos!