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On November 11th 43 Sunday Riders enjoyed their fun afternoon. We started with an obstacle course followed by a couple of fun competitions. To make the competitions fair the Little KICS and Reception were in Section A while the older riders were in Section B.

 The winners were: Walk & Trot Section A 1st Zina, 2nd Matilda Mellor, 3rd Adeeb. Musical Crates 1st Farah, 2nd Nikki, 3rd Zina. Walk & Trot Section B 1st Kobus, 2nd Dana, 3rd Isobel. Musical Crates 1st equal Theo and Ali, 3rd Kenza.

It was lovely to see the patio full of parents, friends and supporters and as always a huge thanks to our tireless leaders, scorer’s helpers and of course the ponies for giving so much enjoyment. 

The joyful melodies of the Radio Show theme song announced that the KICS Radio Show Live 2012 was on air.   This was once again a very successful concert performed by the students from the Senior Section and the Silver KICS Band.
Our hosts for the evening were Pierre Mvono and Rami Osman who delivered great dialogue and banter.

The programme started off with Yeji Han playing a piano piece from a new age Japanese pianist and composer called Yuhki Kuramoto in what was sadly her last appearance performing at KICS. The Radio Show featured a number of female singers who are at various stages of vocal development including, Iona Stewart, Sara Idriss, Sally El Gaddal, Nadine El Roubi, Mona El Nefeidi, Alice Torres and Enas Kamal all performing well known contemporary songs accompanied by either sound tracks or live players including Ardila on piano and guitar, Dasha and May on guitars, Yeji once again on piano, Farouk Kamal on drum set and Nadine El Roubi on piano.


The flexible nature of this type of concert format allows for adult musicians to join in the fun.  Mrs. Lama sang the popular song One and Only by Adele accompanied by Mrs. Amanda on piano and also The Doc Darryl Band featured Peter Mcainsh on electric guitar and Graeme Schnarr on bass playing Old Time Rock n’ Roll.
A number of instrumentalists performed including Reza with a difficult Chopin Etude for piano.  Laila Malik graced the stage with the beautiful piece To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell played on the alto saxophone while Louis painted a Wonderful World with his alto saxophone and vocal imitation of his name sake, Louie Armstrong, who originally sang this Grammy Award winning song in the 1960’s.

The show also featured the talents of two songwriters. Chloe Pinney wrote very intuitive lyrics for I Thought I Loved You and Pierre, our host, rapped his way into the hearts and minds of audience members with some very thought provoking lyrics.
An element of comedy was provided by the ever-popular Band Brownie commercial. Mohammed Ali and Jiangheng really know how to sell a great product!
After the interval, the Silver KICS Band, now consisting of 30 very disciplined musicians, performed two new pieces. Scirocco which musically describes a Sahara Desert wind storm as well as a classical piece called Jupiter from The Planets by Gustav Holst.


The Radio Show’s final pieces were also very special. Oliver Cutts returned to the show with his arrangement of River Flows in You by Yirma. Dan Yang Fu and Mr. Robert Denzel performed a Mozart Sonatina which is composed for four hands at one piano! Luc Mvono crooned his way into the affections of the audience with his rendition of Ordinary People and Sweet Child of Mine from Guns n’ Roses with Ahmed Sidahmed and Reza Sujamiko on electric guitar closed this second edition of the KICS Radio Show Live!

On Thursday 4th October, Year 7 Art Students went on a field trip to The National Museum of Sudan.  Field trips are an invaluable experience for students, providing an intensive opportunity for first hand research.


The trip related to their present unit of study, ‘Stop Bugging Me’, during which students have been using pen and ink to make secondary observational drawings of insects. 

Class work before the trip

            By Dayem Chughtai            By Margaryta Saltanova                By Soren Heiberg

Prior to the trip students were told that we would be discovering images of insects that are part of the rich cultural heritage of ancient Sudan.  Students practiced drawing artifacts in class and small objects at home using a variety of drawing styles designed to train the eye to record directly, quickly and accurately.  They were also set the task of researching the importance of the image of the Scarab Beetle.  This gave us some prior understanding of why artists and crafts people had recreated this image so often in the past.

At the museum, students searched for images of insects recording them at first hand in their sketchbooks.  They discovered how the same images had endured but changed design over time.

Sketchbook Pages from the trip

                                By Danya Osman                                       By Akriti Jha

In their own words;
‘I never knew this about Sudan!’
‘It is the same scarab but it has changed shape in 1000 years!’
‘Mrs. Sarah a real scarab is crawling on your trousers!’

Mrs. Sarah


This week we were visited in school by Gijs Stevers a recent graduate in environmental economics. He is currently half way through a 22000 km bicycle ride from North Cape, Norway to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Along the way he is giving renewable energy workshops to groups of students in schools and universities in order to raise awareness of key energy issues.


The workshop was extremely interesting and the students learned a lot from it. In groups, they had to formulate government energy policy and had to make tough decisions about the use of different energy sources. The results of the students’ decisions were represented by Lego bricks, 1000 of which Gijs is carrying with him on his journey. Our thanks go to Gijs for making the time to visit us and we wish him luck for the remainder of his journey.


You can follow his journey at or on Facebook


As part of the assessment of the IBDP group 4 subjects (biology, chemistry and physics), year 13 students have to work together to design and carry out a science based investigation. This year the theme of the investigations was chocolate and the all year 13 students were off timetable on Sunday to in order to carry out their investigations. Students were placed into three groups and each one carried out a different investigation. The three investigation questions were: 1) Which chocolate is most suitable for the Sudanese environment? 2) How does the percentage of cocoa in chocolate affect its properties? 3) How are the properties of chocolate affected by deep frying?


The day of experiments went very well and lots of data was gathered. The students are due to present their findings in two weeks time – should be quite interesting!

The official launch of the Tennis Academic was last Saturday evening. Kids, parents, staff members  gathered  around a barbecue to celebrate the very special event. Mr. Nigel , the school  principal, Coach Antonio and Mr. Philippe, coordinator of the ladder and assistant to coach Antonio gave a detailed explanation of the plans and schedule which includes lessons for students, parents and staff members  but also community tennis, challenge ladder and special events around the courts.

This was a great opportunity for tennis lovers to get together but also playing with new partners. For more information, consult the KICS website and information up dates, contact coach Antonio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for general info or coaching sessions) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (the challenge tennis ladder).

Enjoy a great tennis year at Kics!

Antonio Shimelis(Coach).


Friday 31st of August The KICS Riding School Pony Club members held the second annual meeting at the stables. As an affiliated Overseas Centre the 16 members including the 4 new members who have joined this semester were given their folders, rosette, badge and Manual of Horsemanship. Mr David gave a talk about the history and the aims of the Pony Club explaining the various tests and achievement badges available.


After coffee and delicious snacks from Fenti the horses were paraded with a short description of each one. It was a good time to catch up after the summer break and a chance to look forward to the coming weeks.


Mr David & Miss Jill

The Association of International Schools in Africa has selected the art work of KICS Year 9 student Chloe Pinney for its official 2013 calendar. This is a tremendous achievement for Chloe and her art work will now be seen wherever an AISA calendar is to found for the next year. The AISA Art Challenge is a new AISA project that seeks to foster and strengthen the connections amongst students in our member schools through art. AISA received 66 submissions with each of the 12 artists published winning an iPod. The official announcement of the winners can be found at .

Very well done indeed to Chloe!


The final day of the school year is always a very special one at KICS.  At Prizegiving, we celebrate the achievements and successes of our students, thank our teachers and say farewell to our Graduating Class, departing families and staff.
The school celebrates community spirit in our students through our Community Awards.

Y3    Elena Zampetti   
Y4    Anna Manfredini   
Y7    Laila Hatim Malik   
Y8    Darya Scanlan-Oumow   
Y9    Nada Motasim Daoud   
Y10  Dena Osama Daoud   
Y11  Reem Jamal Alwali   
Y12  Rami Khidir Osman   
Y13  Rayan Ismat Mohamied   


We celebrate hard work and sustained effort in our Academic Commitment awards.
Y5    Noon  Ali Ismail Khalil   
Y5    Alia Mohammed Ibrahim   
Y6    Hannah Pinney   
Y6    Ahmed Yasir Yousif   
Y7    Yeji Han   
Y8    Sadeem Nazar Samani   
Y9    Nada Motasim Daoud   
Y10  Azza Hatim Malik   
Y11  Eliza Wildman   
Y12  Shuang Qiu (Shally)   
Y13  Catherine McKeagg   


We acknowledge and praise the setting of high standards through our Academic Achievement awards. 
Y7    Oliver Cutts   
Y8    James Dindorf   
Y9    Nicole Nabil George   
Y10  Fareed Khidir Osman   
Y11  Mohamed Ihab Saeed   
Y12  Iman Maowia Mukhtar   
Y13  Amna Ahmed Magzoub   


The outstanding academic students in each section receive the Academic Excellence award.
Juniors   Soren Heiberg   
Seniors   Amna Ahmed Magzoub   

Whole section awards further underscore our commitment to the fields of Sport, Creative Arts and Internationalism.
Juniors Sportsman      Alejandro Arroyo    
Juniors Sportswoman  Hannah Pinney    
Seniors Sportsman      Ahmed Sobahi    
Seniors Sportswoman Noon Mamoun El Nefeidi

Juniors Creative Arts    Hannah Pinney   
Seniors Creative Arts   Nadine Taha El Roubi 

Juniors Award for International Understanding    Khalid Ismat Mihaimied
Juniors Award for International Understanding    Alejandro Arroya

The PRINCIPAL’S LEADERSHIP AWARD singles out one person in each section who has been exemplary in modelling leadership amongst their peers. 
Juniors Principal’s Leadership Award 2012    Rula Ammar Abdulrazzak
Seniors Principal’s Leadership Award 2012    Rayan Ismat Mohamied 

The JOHN BODOURIAN AWARD values the qualities of resilience and of strength of character in overcoming challenges.  This year’s recipient has exhibited these attributes consistently through the amazing progress she has made in KICS.
The John Bodourian Award 2012    Shuang Qiu (Shally)

The GOVERNORS AWARD is perhaps the most keenly awaited announcement of the occasion.  The criteria are broad and can probably best be summarized as honouring someone who has made a ‘special’ contribution to the school.  For the first time this year the Board was unable to differentiate between two very well deserving nominees both of whom had made enormous contributions to our community.
Governors Award 2012    Mr. Robert Denzel and Ms. Robyn Fox



Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Reception and Little KICS parents were treated to a real surprise when they came to celebrate their children’s swimming success. 

After some warm-up activities and songs, the children did “the red carpet walk” to the shower and then into the pool for “Ring a Ring a Roses” to try out submerging skills!  Working in different groups, some children from Reception put on flippers to help their buoyancy as they practised breathing, floating and more advanced strokes in the big pool, while the others had fun gaining confidence with Mr. Yousif and Ms Angie in the smaller pool.  The parents were most impressed at the progress all children had made this year.

Tuesday 29nd May 2012


The dust finally settled and we were able to hold the Year One and Two swimming celebration on the final Tuesday of the school year. This year students participated in four activities in ability groups that showcased their learning in PE this year.


Activities included: floating, diving, submersions skills as well as swimming skills. At the end of the activities students were divided into year level groups and participated in an underwater treasure hunt as well as had a turn on the waterslide kayak. This years’ celebration saw the largest group of participants in the deep end which is a reflection of the students’ enthusiasm and desire to learn. 


The parents were most impressed at the progress all children had made this year.


A big thank you needs to go to Mr. Yousif for his tireless  effort over the weekend to clean the pool after the dust storms as well as the staff and students from Year 7 who helped to make this celebration a memorable day for the students.


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