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For the 23 students receiving their KICS Diplomas, 27th April 2012 will go down as a day to remember.  Celebrating the end of their years of schooling, the 2012 Graduation ceremony proved to be a memorable night for the graduating class and their families. 


Guests gathered from early evening and proceedings started with photos of the Graduates and their families in the Senior Library.  Meanwhile, the guitarist Dr El Fatih entertained the guests at the reception around the fountain area. 


Everyone then moved on to the formal ceremony that was held in the Junior Hall.  The Graduates were presented with their KICS Diplomas and the audience was treated to a collage of photos and personal messages of thanks from each of the class of 2012.  Our Guest speaker this year was Mr Mustafa Khogali who is an entrepreneur and youth leader in Sudan.  He urged the graduates to hold on to their dreams and to stand firm in the knowledge that they can change the world they live in.


The guests then moved down the candlelit Palm Alley to the Sports Field where a large tent had been set up for dinner.  Entertained with some great jazz music by the band Blue, featuring our own Mr Beau on the drums, the guests sat down to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.


Mr Nigel gave a speech to the dinner guests- extolling the achievements of the Class of 2012 and charting the very diverse career paths they are about to embark on at some of the best Universities in the UK, Europe and the USA.  The list of courses included Medical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Urban Planning, International Relations, Law, Business Studies, Economics and Finance, International Business, Geography and Architecture.


Christopher Frattina della Frattina and Rayan Ismat then jointly gave the Student Vote of Thanks on behalf of the graduating class.  They thanked their teachers, their mentors, their families and also thanked their fellow classmates for all the friendship and support that helped them to get through all the hard work and challenges of the IB Diploma.


2012 has seen a doubling of the size of the KICS graduating class.   The greater numbers has led to the introduction of the award of Valedictorian.   This is the student who has excelled academically and achieved the highest scores overall in the two years of the IB Diploma. The first KICS valedictorian is Amna Ahmed Magzoub and we wish every success as she goes on to study Chemical Engineering at MIT in Boston.

The rather strong winds that day meant that the Chinese lanterns proved rather difficult to launch but a few did manage to fly up into the night sky- taking with them the good wishes and hopes of all the people gathered below.  The adults then left for home after a very enjoyable and inspiring evening and left the youngsters to stay on for a few more hours at the disco with invited friends.



Following a suggestion from the Senior Student Council and in collaboration with the DAL group 3 R project, Earth Day on 22nd April saw all children from Little KICS to Y13 wearing blue, green or brown.  In exchange for not wearing their uniform they had to bring in plastic bottles for recycling.

There was an amazing turn-out throughout the school.

In the Infant Section a competition was held to see which year group could bring in the most plastic bottles.

At the end of today Year 2 were in the lead with 202 bottles, helped along by a special effort of 94 bottles from Sharif. Year 1 twins, Aya and Eman managed to bring in 113 between them which means Year 1 are close behind in the competition.


The PYP programme of Inquiry was aligned to ensure all units at this time included an environmental theme.   In all PYP classes the day started without electricity - no air-conditioning! This idea came from Year 4 students who were interested in experiencing similar conditions to those in parts of the world where there is no electricity.

The Year 6 PYP Exhibition, held on the same day, had a central theme of saving the planet.

Senior Student Council have been collecting drink cans over several weeks and held a bake sale on the day.



Most importantly though, we need to remember that even if Earth Day is only remembered once a year, recycling, reducing, reusing is for EVER if we want to take care of the planet for the future.

Last weekend children from the Blue Nile Sailing Club and KICS participated in the British Ambassadors Regatta.  The departing British ambassador Nicholas Kay has established this annual sailing competition to promote youth sailing in Sudan.


Well done to out KICS skippers and crews that sailed in this event. Congratulation to Nathan (Year 9)  and Alejandro (Year 6) who came 3rd overall after 3 races.
"In the first race, we started off with some technical problems - the rudder kept shifting and the main sheet rope was not fixed properly so we had to fix those things and got delayed.   The most amazing thing is that despite that, Nathan and I came in third!!  It was very exciting!". – Alejandro- Year 6.


Horseworld of Dubai kindly sponsored the One Day Event.  One Day Eventing or as it is now called Horse Trials was started by the French military in the 1900’s, it is now an Olympic sport run over three days. It is designed to be a true test of horse and rider, combining trust, obedience and courage. In a One or three Day Event the cross country phase should be so designed as to exert the most influence in the outcome of the final result.

Our One Day Event was divided into three different phases. Firstly the riders memorised a dressage test which they rode in the dedicated arena, each movement performed had a possible maximum of ten points. They then tackled a twelve fence cross country course, being penalised for refusals and falls (we had none of these!) and penalties added for exceeding the time allowed. The finale to the competition was to jump a round of show jumps, again, being penalised for refusals and knocking down a fence. The penalty points from the three phases are added together, with the winner having the least amount of penalties.

The winner was Dasha riding Kassala, 2nd Soren on Cinderella, 3rd Charlotte on Mocha, 4th Lucas on Domino and 5th May riding Caramel. This was the first One Day Event they had ridden in, so, congratulations to them all. Well done and well ridden.


A great trip was had by all on the KICS ski trip! 


The students not only enjoyed learning how to ski and snowboard, they also enjoyed  a one day outing to the Nestle chocolate factory as well as an afternoon shopping in Vervey on the shores of Lake Geneva. 


After skiing students participated in a variety of après-ski activities which included a Wii dance competition (well done May) and a girls v boys competition (well done girls), while other activities included bowling - well done Anthony, Mina and Mr. Luke (who won the teachers’ game).


We also went on a torch-light walk through the snow, had a visit to the local sports centre where we played basketball, football, badminton and played on the mini tramp.


The students coped really well living together in the chalet and undertaking the daily routine of life in The Alps. 


The instructors at Les Elfes commented on how  friendly, well behaved and organised the KICS students were.  Thanks for a great trip!


Ms. Robyn and Mr. Luke


This semester we have had over 30 students involved in water sports activities both in the school pool as well as on the Nile river. 


Each Wednesday morning we have kayaking at 7am. These younger students have been learning how to steer and capsize their boats as well as playing games of canoe polo. 


Each Thursday afterschool students in Year 6 and above have been participating in a variety of water sports activities on the Nile river which  include sailing, kayaking, canoeing and rowing.


It is a great opportunity for the students to not only learn new skills and have fun, they also get to explore the riverine environment and culture of the longest river in the world.  We have also held numerous water sports bbq’s and  fundraising movies night this year.


The students have really enjoyed cooking and serving the food as well as acting as cashiers, we hope to see you at the final waters sports fundraising event of the year, which will be on Friday the 3rd of May.


From the funds raised we  hope to purchase another laser sailing dinghy which we will be able to race alongside the one we already have.


Regards, Ms. Robyn, Mr. Jeff D, Mr. Jeff W and the water sports gang!

The stables hosted an adult ‘Take Your Own Line’ accumulator show jumping competition under the floodlights on Friday April 6th. Each fence had a certain number of points depending on the height and could be jumped in either direction; the idea was to accumulate as many points as possible in one minute. There were eight fences to choose from with the 50 point fence being just over one metre high.

The results: The winner was Miss Jayne riding Safia with 240 points. 2nd my daughter Polly riding Filly with 190 points. 3rd Ms Deborah riding Domino 140 points. 4th Monika riding Cinderella with 110   points and Miss Elona 5th, making her first competitive appearance, with 50 points riding Mocha. Everyone who competed won a KICS Riding School rosette and a fridge magnet with our logo!

Thanks to the competitors, families, children, supporters and horses, we all enjoyed a happy, relaxed fun evening in very pleasant temperatures. We finished off with a barbeque on the patio.

KICSMUN VI proved to be our biggest success yet. The theme and topics discussed this year were as follows:

“Increasing international co-operation and future global governance”


Security Council:
The Situation in the Middle East
•    International support to promote stability in Syria
•    The consolidation of peace in Abyei and the maintenance of peaceful transition of its sovereignty to either of the Sudan states

•    Working towards improving the economy of South Sudan
•    Reinforcing and improving UN Humanitarian aid and disaster relief assistance

Advisory Panel:
•    Creating transparency of governance in Syria by focusing on corruption and abuses of power
•    Economic development in Southern Sudan


Within the individual councils the delegates and experts managed to come to sound, well-drafted resolutions and proposals respectively. With the emphasis on international cooperation we managed to witness first hand how member states overcome national interest in order to bring about a solution to an issue. In the Security Council we saw Russia abstain over the issue on Syria, which led to the resolution being passed.

In ECOSOC, we witnessed member states increasing and strengthening the United Nation’s response system by focusing on short term and long term goals.

In the Advisory Panel, our experts managed to formulate proposals that were passed in both the Security Council and ECOSOC.


The KhartMUN express was particularly engaged in debate and at times wanted to involve themselves as delegates. The daily newspaper reports managed to incite gossip among delegates and experts alike.

The creation of this conference is down to the KICSMUN Secretariat. With their hard work and commitment, not only did they manage to organize their councils but they chaired at a level that was on par with international conferences. Mr. Graeme and Ms. Reem as well deserve recognition. With their persistence and guidance the
Secretariat knew the ins and outs of international politics.


Overall, what was particularly impressive was the level of debate. During the conference the intellectuality and argumentation of those involved in debate displayed maturity among the students. Indeed, it was a successful conference.

Christopher Frattina della Frattina
Secretary-General KICSMUN VI


Sunday 11th March was a hugely enjoyable family Fun Afternoon and barbeque for the junior riders. We were delighted to welcome 39 riders, parents, brothers, sisters and supporters. The afternoon began with a mounted obstacle course; some riders negotiated it a number of times, everyone then went on a ‘shopping’ trip to collect various articles round the farm and finished the riding with the musical crates game. Jill’s homemade beef burgers cooked on the barbeque ended a successful afternoon. 

I would like to thank the pony leaders, who without them, we could not hold such an event, the ponies behaved impeccably and once again proved what a valuable asset they are to KICS children.
Our next event is an evening show jumping competition on Friday April the 6th at 7.00pm. We will jump under flood lights followed by a barbeque, anybody is more than welcome to come and spectate.

Mr David.




The Infant sports morning was a showcase of all the activities that the students have been learning in their Physical Education classes this Semester.  Little KICS and reception students undertook the following age appropriate activities in a carousel of activities: an obstacle course; a ball throwing activity; parachute and running games as well as a treasure hunt. 


Students in Years One and Two participated in more advanced athletic activities through a courosel of 8 different activities which included: mini hurdles, 30m dash, sack race, target and distance throw, soccer shoot, an obstacle course, mini long jump and high jump activities. 


The sports day was non competitive, held in the spirit of participation, inspiration and challenge.  A great morning was has by all the students, parents and teachers involved. 


Ms. Robyn and Ms. Natalie 


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