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As part of KICS 10th anniversary celebrations, the WD Day race of Friday 14th November was a real landmark carved into the history of Khartoum public occasions. more


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KICS was proud to host the first Khartoum International Oud Festival from February 21st- 27th sponsored by DAL Group. Famous international oud players such as: Le Trio Joubran, Sherine Tohami, Gabriel Lavin,  Ashraf Awad and Naseer Shamma were some of the names that filled the KICS Amphitheatre with excitement. more


The KICS Open Campus Day was held on Wednesday February 19th 2014. Like every year, this event is held to showcase KICS and the wonderful learning experiences that are offered to our students. It is a regular school day for students but an open day for all members of the community- existing as well as prospective families who are considering KICS as an option for their children’s education. more





Being KICSMUN VIII’s Secretary-General has been an extremely challenging, yet ultimately rewarding role that I have had the honour to undertake over the past six months. From November 20th-23rd 2013, we had our eighth annual KICSMUN conference, with over 120 participants from four different schools. Months of hard work and preparation of both the secretariat and the delegates led to what I can honestly say was the best KICSMUN conference thus far. more


Long and tiring hours of rehearsals have obviously payed off. The Importance of Being Earnest was well organised and very interesting to watch. The acting was fantastic with only nine characters, and each actor was extremely well rehearsed and talented.  Before entering the amphitheatre, you were treated to a spectacular puppet show that set the mood. The play then starts and you are introduced to two of the main male characters, Jack played by Oliver Cutts and Algernon played by Hatim Aldawi and Lane, Algernon's butler played by Mohamed Rosli. Each character knew their role well and transformed into them confidently. more



Maths Quest is a prestigious mathematics competition endorsed by the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). The competition is organised for students around the globe attending international schools.  The aim of the Maths Quest is to enable students to participate in challenging mathematical competition and celebrate their passion for the subject. The event also gives students an opportunity to represent the school overseas and benefit from the experience of working collaboratively with international primary students from all over the world. more

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