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The second combined Science/Mathematics Fair was held last weekend. Many students enjoyed this chance to explore their own ideas and interests, with plenty of enthusiasm and a wide variety of projects on display more

The Inside Out Project is a large-scale, global participatory art project that aims to make the faces of disenfranchised individuals more visible to their communities more

Woman in Sudan: Breaking Barriers.
The third KICS Community Lecture held on Monday 11th to celebrate International Woman’s Day proved to be a wonderfully challenging and informative evening more

Beach Ride Sunday March 10th

30 of the Sunday Riders enjoyed a gentle hack along the beach. We started and finished each ride from the garden and luckily enough there was a nice breeze to keep the temperature reasonable more

Visiting Author Donavan Christopher in the Senior Section

Donavan Christopher’s visit to KICS past at the speed of light. He moved around the sections with speed singing, sharing poetry, RAP and with Senior students taking part in  English and Drama classes more

On Saturday  23rd February  friends  and former horse riding students of Christy Henchie met together at the KICS Riding Stables. Their purpose was to remember and celebrate Christy’s life and especially the 3 years she spent with us in Khartoum more

What an exciting two months and a very busy fortnight for KICS Initiative " Realise the Dream". more

The KICS Tennis Academy hosted its first open tournament on the 1st and 2nd of February, 2013. Players from all over Sudan participated in this "Surprise Singles" fun event. The tournament had full courts outside and inside the gym with ten different age groups and 75 boys and girls in action. We witnessed some extremely competitive and exciting matches especially from the KICS Tennis Academy players including Rayyan,Yasin, Alia, Tom, Daan, Mark, Andrew and others boys and girls who excelled in the tournament despite a relatively short training programme. Congratulations to the winners - you deserve victory! It was a pleasure running the KICS Tennis Academy Tournament and I wish to thank the participants for making it such a successful event! Thanks also to Monsieur Philippe, Mr Christian and Ms Annie for helping out.

Antonio Shimelis - KICS Tennis Academy Coach



This year we held our seventh annual Khartoum International Model United Nations Conference. To date, this was our largest conference with 75 delegates, and four councils, including for the first time the Crisis Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

This year’s Secretariat was made up of:

Secretary-General:                 Tara Abdulmutaal Mamoun
Under Secretary-General:            Alexios Limnios
Under Secretary-General:            Nadine Taha ElRoubi
Chief of Administration:            Salma Bahget

Security Council
President- Rami Osman
Co- Chair- Reem Alwali
Director – Farouk Kamal Abdu

Crisis Security Council
President- Umnia Wagdi
Co-Chair – Azza Hatim Malik
Director – Shihab Osman Malik

International Court of Justice (ICJ)
President- Sanaa Faisal
Co-Chair- Daoud Motasim Daoud
Director – Dena Osama Daoud

Advisory Panel
President- Iman Maowia
Co-Chair- Abdulrahman Ihab Ayoub
Director – Nada Motasim Daoud


Congratulations to the Secretariat, staff and all delegates for making this a most memorable conference. Here are some reviews from some of our Secretariat:

Tara Abdelmutaal, Secretary-General

This year’s conference was a great success. The delegates, experts, advocates and judges debated, disputed and deliberated to the best of their ability, and despite some last minute use of veto powers, the participants managed to come up with elaborate and detailed resolutions, or verdicts (in the case of the ICJ). During the conference the USG’s sold raffle tickets for the ‘realize the dream campaign’, the lucky winner of a team GB shirt, and Ben Rushgrove’s movie was Sarah Saif from Khartoum American School. The newspaper team were also hard at work during the conference, creating the KHRTMUN newspaper which was published daily online the KICSMUN website. By the time it came to Saturday afternoon the closing ceremony was a sad event for all especially the year 13s who had to say goodbye to KICSMUN.  A special thanks to all those who contributed, as without their efforts, the conference would not have been the great success it was!

Alexios Limnios and Nadine Elroubi, Under Secretary-Generals
As Under Secretary-Generals, we enjoyed the influence that we had on the delegates and on the way the conference was run. We worked tirelessly under our Secretary-General during the summer to come up with a theme, possible topics and how the ECAs and conference was run. We enjoyed supervising and assisting our secretariat and delegates during the two days of debate. It took a bit of time for the delegates to start heated debates, however when it did begin, we were very pleased with how it panned out. The bar was raised once again, and we urge all future delegates to take KICSMUN even further. Although it is sad that we must leave our posts in the secretariat, we understand that it allows a chance for future delegates to follow in our footsteps.
Sanaa Faisal, President International Court of Justice

This year’s Model International Court of Justice adopted the case of the West Bank Barrier and had to determine the legalities of it. The barrier was built by the Israeli government and deviates from the 1949 armistice line and goes on to West Bank territory. There have been concerns that the barrier also infringes upon the human rights of Palestinians by denying the access to health care, education and employment. The case was handed over to the ICJ in 2003 and the court ruled that the barrier was indeed illegal. Throughout the year, the 15 judges were prepared and trained to be able to ask suitable questions and identify weaknesses in arguments. The advocates for each side had to prepare memorandums, write opening and closing speeches, as well as find evidence and witnesses to support their case. During the conference, the council functioned very well as a unit, with the judges asking questions about the case that would aid them in reaching their final verdict. After all the evidence was presented, with compelling arguments from both sides, the court ruled that the barrier was indeed illegal as it violated International Law and the human rights of the citizens of the West Bank.


Umnia Wagdi, President of the Crisis Security Council

This year we introduced a new council to KICSMUN, the Crisis Security Council. In principle, the council runs in the same way as the normal Security Council does however, the difference is that the delegates of the Crisis council only receive their topics very close to the conference date. This tested the delegates’ abilities to think on their feet.

The first topic was announced two weeks prior to the conference: The Question of Mali. The war in Mali has been a cause of much discussion both regionally and internationally. The situation has caused instability in West Africa and has resulted in the involvement of nations such as France. The delegates were faced with the challenge of coming up with a resolution that tackles the issue most effectively taking into consideration both the benefit of the general population and state sovereignty. A resolution was indeed passed that included aspects such as border patrol to control weapons smuggling and the rehabilitation and care for internally displaced persons.

The second topic was revealed at the opening ceremony: The Question of Syria. The instability has it roots in anti-government protests that began in March 2011. The clashes between forces loyal to president Assad and rebels have resulted in an escalation in the conflict and is now a full-scale civil war. This resolution was much more complex to achieve as the Veto members were divided on the issue as China and Russia stood by Assad and the concept of state sovereignty. As a result of this, the final resolution was vetoed by the Russian Federation and thus we had no resolution for the Question of Syria.

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