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A special night of the Primary students performing in the 10th Arabic Evening. It was an opportunity for the students to share their learning and celebrate the Arabic culture.
The students’ performances were varied and well executed. Year 3 sang songs which were linked to their units of inquiry. The Y4 non native speakers students performed a song for the famous Egyptian singer Sayed Darwish. While Year 4 native speakers performed a play called “The Friends”. Year 5, acted, sang and danced scenes from the Jungle Book. Year 6 non- native students did a beautiful Egyptian folklore dance called "The Stick Dance”, while Year 6 native speakers sang a song from East Sudan. All in all the night was a big success.


ArabicE1      ArabicE3




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This year 21 students represented KICS at The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Conference in the Hague, Netherlands.  This annual conference is the largest in the world and hosts 3,500 students from some of the finest schools in the world. This year our students represented Nigeria and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This year, for the first time in KICS history, we were given a Security Council country with Ziad Hashim and Basil Saeed being our representatives.  Our students were split over 12 councils, including General Assembly, Disarmament Commission, Environment Commission, Human Rights Commission and Special Committees. We also had one student, Ilham Tagelsir appointed as a Judge on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and Rithe Arnold was involved with the Media team in producing the conference newspaper.


        IMG 0270            IMG 0282           IMG 0426

During the course of the week our students were involved in negotiations, fierce debate and attempts to problem solve through diplomacy.  It is fair to say, from both Mrs. Reem and myself, that our students were exceptional. They were well prepared and entered their councils (some with over 300 students) aggressive in their approach. They all spoke well and made good points and defended their draft resolutions and amendments with conviction.  Throughout the week, often our students found themselves frustrated given some of the stereotypes that they faced, especially when dealing with topics relation to Africa and in particular women’s rights, however they stood up for what they believed in and by the end of the week, had done a fine job in educating many of the other students.  Special mention must be given to Basil and Ziad in the Security Council who managed to pass an un unanimous resolution in council regarding the political instability between Sudan/South Sudan. To pass a resolution in their first time in this council is a marvelous achievement and certainly put KICS on the map amongst the other international schools attending.  To perform so well at the largest MUN gathering in the world is a reflection of our students’ passion and hard work, which starts with KICSMUN in November and carries through to this conference. We look forward to seeing more fantastic performances next year.


                IMG 0455             IMG 0252



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We have done KICS Infant Shows for the last 10 years. We love them!
Our Little KICS, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children did a wonderful job on Tuesday 15th December 2015 when they took part in the performance. This year’s show ‘The Drum’ was a beautiful story that talked about two important messages: generosity and kindness. The play was written so appropriately for the kids to both understand and memorize and had a Sudanese and cultural theme too. The children’s singing and acting were fantastic! Thank you to the teachers and parents for helping to instill a love of theatre at such an early age in our students.




eIMG 5669


On Sunday, December 13th, Fenti Golf Club hosted over 300 KICS students, 10 KAS students, teachers and parents for the annual KICS Cross Country Run. Students in years 3-11 have been training in class to improve their aerobic and muscular endurance while setting goals for personal achievement. Many of our students set personal bests and overcame both physical and mental hurdles to cross the finish line, showing admirable heart, determination and perseverance. For our Senior students, this run was the final component of their unit assessment and we were pleased to see such positive results.The year 12 & 13 students also ran and took part in teaming up with the Primary students for added encouragement. It was wonderful to see such energetic and committed performances from all and the additional support from our KICS parents was much appreciated. Overall, it was an enjoyable morning and our students should be proud of their accomplishments.


                            eIMG 5850                                 eIMG 5924


Top achievement and special mention goes to the following students:

Year 3 & 4 Girl:
1st place - Farah Abdellatif
2nd place - Tamara Amin Gabbani
3rd place - Ema Serizawa

Year 3 & 4 Boy:
1st place - Martin Ronnie Makram
2nd place - Shixin Zhang
3rd place - Sharif Amir Abdelmutaal

Year 5 & 6 Girls:
1st place - Aya Hisham Abualella
2nd place - Eman Tarig El Nefeidi
3rd place - Antonia Lehnert Malagon

Year 5 & 6 Boys:
1st place - Marek Ulicny
2nd place - Larry Odong
3rd place -Mark Nashaat Louis

Seniors Personal Challenge Race
1st place - Amir Malik; Hala Tantour
2nd place - Ziad Malik; Milkee Adane Bekele
3rd place - Ali Nagi Yousif; Valentina Banayoti

Seniors Competitive Race:  
1st place - Yasin Ibrahim, Rula Ammar
2nd place - Ahmed Yousif, Leticia Malagon
3rd place - Daan Freijsen; Alia Ibrahim


                   eIMG 5992                       eIMG 5593


Thank you to all students, staff and parents for a fantastic morning. We look forward to celebrating similar success at our next Athletics event on Monday, January 25th for Primary Sports Day and Thursday, February 25th for Senior Athletics Day.




     The Silver KICS Band Conductor Robert Denzel v.3  

Another year, another show, another list of performers, hosts, and technicians. Seems all too routine after a while. If this were a weekly radio broadcast, the routines would be very well established. This is the Fifth Edition of the KICS Radio Show LIVE!!! for 2015.  For many performers and audience members, it would be difficult to find many individuals who attended all five shows much less performed in all of them. While a certain routine has evolved and predictability in place-- the chirpy melody of the Radio Show Theme Song, the Band Brownie Commercials, Hosts trying to tell jokes-- still each show had a character and charm all its own.


                              Yasin Ibrahim performing Nocturne Op. 9 by F. Chopin        George Chen performing Croatian Rhapsody v. 2              



Christian Alubale on piano playing Aria of the Soul from Persona 4                Abdelwahab Babiker ad Waleed Malik Trombones Rule               Ahmed Sidahmed playing Theme from Godfather and Anastasia


The five playlists of each show totals an excess of one hundred pieces of music and songs. That is roughly four hundred minutes of music or six and half hours of music, each piece chosen by an enthusiastic performer and given to an even more enthusiastic audience. As you enjoy these photos and maybe even recall the music these musicians presented, please remember that each performer wanted to give something special to others; that each performer spent hours preparing their piece of music; that each performer exhibited a lot of courage to do this in a public venue; that each performer wanted to share something special with each member of the audience; that each performer wanted to share their love of life with others. Please continue to share your love of life in your own way!


     Band Brownie Commercial- Hania Sindhu Rula and Leena  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik performed by Rithe Arnold violin Robert Denzel piano  Hosts Shahmir Humayun and Suprad Kafle

    Jeffrey Almond on drums performing Toxicity




IMG 4974


Sunday October 25th 2015
‘Sunday Fun Day’ This afternoon is dedicated for the beginners who ride with us on a Sunday. All these young children are on a lead rein. We set up a mounted obstacle course of 10 different disciplines, egg and spoon, hoops, a stop box, bending poles, get off and lead, ride under a hoop etc.
The finale is the ever popular musical crates. This year it was won by Elisa, second was Ayman, Mustafa third and Nils was fourth.


                             IMG 4607                                     IMG 5021


Saturday November 28th 2015
The 5th annual show was held in the grass paddock for the first time. Two sections competed in a ‘clear round’ competition, every rider who jumped a clear round won a special rosette. After that warm up and nerve settler we held a traditional show jumping competition where only clear rounds went forward to a timed jump off over a shortened course. Results in section one were 1st George, 2nd Coco, 3rd Leticia and 4th Amin. The second section was won by Jana, 2nd David and 3rd Ahmed.





                              IMG 2349                       IMG 2358


On the occasion of KICS Founders Day, 20th October, we held our second community lecture entitled ‘Who are the Nubians?’ presented by Dr Mohamed Jalal Hashim, the distinguished Nubian linguist.  
Dr Jalal described how the inhabitants of the Nile Valley came originally from the West and how pockets of Nubian language still exist in an area of Western Sudan and also in the Nuba Mountains.
His talk traced the origins of the dialects currently spoken in Northern Sudan- by the Halfaween, Sikkot and Mahas- Nobiin and its relationship with Old Nobiin and the Greek alphabet.  He contrasted this with Meroitic language that is still to be fully deciphered and stressed the separate origins of the Meriotic culture and that of the Nubians.  His talk illustrated the complexity and overlapping of Egyptian, Nubian and other Sudanese cultures viewd through the ??? of language.


IMG 2356

Dr Jalal spoke passionately about the need to preserve the modern Nubian languages and to protect them from the encroachment of the Arabic language.  Without detracting from the importance and richness of the Arabic linguistic heritage, he felt it very important that these local dialects, songs and oral traditions be preserved for future generations.

Dr Jalal’s lecture was very well attended by parents, students and other guests who enjoyed a very interesting and passionate lecture on a fascinating subject.



  Arabia CSR


We were excited to hear that the KICS Local Teacher Training programme has been shortlisted for an award at the Arabia CSR Network Awards 2015. Each year for the last six years we have invited over 100 teachers from local schools to attend 8-week professional development courses run by our own KICS faculty. Some return every year to connect with and learn from KICS teachers as we try to share what we know with our fellow educators in local Sudanese schools.


                                IMG 5851                    IMG 5852 


                                                                                 20140217 170510


My congratulations go to Ms. Maria, who supervises the programme, and the many teachers, staff members and students who all volunteer their time, energy and expertise to make the programme such an annual highlight for so many teachers from the public school system. The awards ceremony will take place in Dubai next week and we will let you know how we get on: fingers crossed!

Mr Nigel





On Tuesday 8th of Sept we had our first community lecture for the academic year 2015/16. We were honored to have Dr. El Nour Hamad who came all the way from Qatar and talked to us about the importance of art in Schools “ART SCHOOL Matters”.




Dr Elnour holds an MA from Miami University and a PhD from the University of Illinois, both in Art Education.
It was wonderful talk attended by many parents and members of the community.

Thanks to KICSPA for sponsoring this lecture





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