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“Everybody loves that man... Bugsy Malone!”

The eagerly anticipated KICS production of the musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ thrilled two packed houses on the evenings of Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th November as the KICS Senior students and staff staged their first ever musical.

Under the direction of Eugene Barnaart, the countless hours of hard work and long hours of practice that went into putting together the singing, dancing, acting and staging of this production certainly paid off!  John Ashworth’s stunning set design recreated the world of rival gangs in downtown New York in 1929.  The two adversaries, gangsters Fat Sam (Krillus Masoud) and Dandy Dan (Alexios Limnios) proved to be great opposites, thoughtfully portrayed and equally as funny along with their respective gangs and girlfriends, Tallulah (Dena Osama) and Louella (Azza Malik). The boxing scene was also a ‘knockout’ and the performances by a magician, ventriloquist and the Down and Out gang to name a few, really showcased the great pool of talent that we have here at KICS.

The show was a visual feast inspired by the wonderful array of period costumes. The chorus girls, dressed to the nines in all colours of the rainbow, ‘flapper’ style, singing and dancing the night away at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam made the most of it. Mustachioed gangsters decked out in striped suits, hats, and carrying ingeniously made ‘splurge’ kept the audience had the audience in stitches with their comical antics as they waged custard pie war on each other. Not to be left out, one cannot help but mention the hilarious ‘comedy cops’ scenes that showed the hidden talents of Senior Staff members Morris Lando, Chris Collins and Darryl Davies.

Between all the comic acts, keeping the continuity, emotion and drama unfolding for us were characters such as Bugsy Malone himself (endearingly played by Abdulwahab Zubair), Blousey, Bugsy’s love interest (Raveena Retnakumar in feisty form), and poor Fizzy (played with pathos by Anna Maria Masoud) who just wanted the chance to dance. 

The backstage crew did a magnificent job collecting ‘dead’ bodies from the stage, filling custard pie plates and running around with props as needed and also filling in on-stage as ‘guards’. 

Those present in the KICS amphitheatre were treated to the memorable experience of the Senior students rising to the challenge of combining and coordinating the arts of singing, dancing and acting. We got to see some great talent in all areas and the whole cast and crew proved what can be achieved with dedication, hard work and no small amount of talent.



The date for this year’s KICSPA Welcome Picnic fell on November 5th which, in the UK, is the date of Bonfire Night – also known as ‘Guy Fawkes Night’. This annual event involves communities across the UK gathering around a bonfire, setting off fireworks and eating various traditional foods. This year’s KICSPA family picnic picked up this theme.  Following a somewhat humbling performance by the teachers at the hands of the parents in the annual Cricket match, hundreds of KICS family members gathered on the playing field for what was the best attended KICSPA picnic in the five year history of the event. Parents relaxed on cushions and rugs on the grass whilst their children ran around playing with their school friends. Typical ‘Bonfire Night’ food was on sale for those who chose not to bring their own picnic baskets. Fenti Catering provided Hot Dogs, Baked Potatoes with Chili con Carne or Baked beans and Toffee Apples. 


KICSPA’s Popcorn machine did brisk business as did the regular Picnic favourite Tutti Frutti Ice-cream. Other annual favourite events took place such as the Tug of War and the performance by the renowned Sudanese singer, Sharhabil Ahmed. But the highlight of the evening was, without a doubt, the KICS Bonfire.  A towering blaze, expertly set and carefully monitored by the site management team, was very impressive and had both adults and children awestruck whilst watching the inferno.  The decision had been taken not to include the burning of the ‘Guy’ on top of the bonfire- which is very much part of the tradition in the UK. The delighted children were given Sparklers and Glo Sticks, and a small fireworks display added to the spirit of the occasion. Further traditional Bonfire Night delicacies of Parkin (a sticky Ginger cake originating in Yorkshire), Treacle Toffee from the Lake District and everyone’s favourite - Home Made Vanilla Fudge - were distributed towards the end of the evening. Everyone went home happy after a thoroughly enjoyable family evening out. Many thanks are due to the KICSPA committee for the impeccable organisation of this favourite annual event.  




On Thursday, November 4th, Years 5 and 6 presented their drama and music performances to their parents and some of our teachers in the Junior Hall. This year, PYP Junior teachers more

A dress down day with a difference

October is world cancer awareness month. On Thursday 28th October KICS parents, students and staff wore it pink and proudly. Everyone was part of more



The Year 7 students are nearly finished their unit on Mapping Skills. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have Mr Rush and Mr Ahmed from Daleelteq, a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) company, come to explain to the Year 7 students what GIS is all about. Many students (and teachers!) are unaware of the vast scope of this field of work and how it affects our daily lives. Khartoum State Government is using this technology as you read this to improve the infrastructure in our city. Companies are using the technology to increase their delivery efficiency and minimise expenses. Emergency Services are reducing their response times to emergencies. Soon we will have GPS available for our cars and phones in Khartoum too. No more getting lost downtown and we will be able to get to Ozone by the quickest route at any time of day. These are just some of the real time, practical applications of GIS that the Year 7’s discovered in the highly informative presentation.
Some student comments: Safa, ‘In the future GIS will be part of our daily lives, I didn’t know that.’ Omar,’ I learned that GIS is used much more than people know.’ Sazia, ‘I learned that Geography is useful to us in everything.’
We are hoping to have Rush and Ahmed return to the school again later in the year to inform our IB Geography students about career opportunities in this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

Peter McAinsh


The following students received Senior School Leadership Certificates in Assembly last Thursday

Year 13
Nafisa for being principled and taking the lead in communicating with the Head of Section on behalf of the Year 13 students. Mrs Reem

Khaldah for for being principled and taking the lead in communicating with the Head of Section on behalf of the Year 13 students. Mrs Reem

For the Year 13 girls for being principled and caring in establishing guidelines for Common Room behaviour. Mrs Reem

The MUN Secretariat (Nafisa, Attiat, Hind, Harrison, Mountasir, Sarya, Khaldah, Nadeen) for demonstrating that they are principled, reflective and caring while running MUN and the ECA. Mrs. Reem and Mr. Richard

Anavi for being principled and caring as Co-Chair of STUCO. Mrs. Reem and Mr. Richard

Year 12
Karim for being principled and supportive as Co-Chair of STUCO. Mrs. Reem and Mr. Richard

Year 9
Yasmin for demonstrating being principled and caring whilst helping at the Infant Swimming Gala Mrs Annie

Dena for the way she has led by example in what it takes to create a small business as part of the Year 9 Leadership Programme Small Business Enterprise Unit.
Mr Richard

Omnia for the way she has led by example in what it takes to create a small business as part of the Year 9 Leadership Programme Small Business Enterprise Unit.
Mrs Annie

Year 8
Nada for demonstrating student responsibility and leading by example in creating a clean environment in the Senior Section. Mrs Reem

Mr Richard for his commitment and leadership during Spirit Week. Dr. Darryl.

Congratulations to all students for taking the initiative to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills and to model leadership qualities to their peers and younger students at KICS. Mrs Natasha



On 21st  October, a team of eleven KICS students travelled to Cairo to participate in a regional Model United Nations conference, hosted by Cairo American College. This prestigious conference, abbreviated to CACMUN, brought together 200 delegates from international schools in Lagos, Lusaka, Genoa, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Beirut, Prague, Khartoum and Cairo.

Together these delegates represented the aspirations of over a hundred countries and additional advisory organisations. KICS students were charged with the following representations: Nadeen (AWID), Eman (Guinea-Bissau), Attiat (ICJ), Kirillus and Chris (Lebanon), Genan (Mauritania), Shihab (Slovakia), Nadine (South Africa), Tara (Spain), Iman (UK) and Harrison (co-chair of ECOSOC).


In stepping into the shoes of a different country than their own, they experienced how another nationality thinks and feels about current global issues. Students used skills of research, resolution writing and public speaking. To have their ideas accepted, students negotiated with friendly countries, often compromising their resolutions to reach consensus. In so doing, students modelled the operations of the real UN organisation. The forums included an Advisory Panel, Economic and Social Council, Security Council, General Assembly and ICJ.

The topics debated over the 3-day conference covered a wide variety of global issues and world conflicts, ranging from nuclear energy in the Middle East to humanitarian issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Somalia, to political peace in conflict zones, female empowerment in rural areas, illegal drug trafficking, debt sustainability and international court of justice cases on crimes of humanity and aerial herbicide spraying.

While students had carefully investigated their positions prior to the conference, they grew in knowledge and understanding as resolutions were amended, debated and reworked. Their ability to think critically was challenged and the importance of working as a team was crucial for success.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this MUN conference is that students were in charge of the three days of proceedings. The secretary-general and committee chairpersons are all students. Delegates must follow strict meeting procedure, with fixed time limits for speaking, so that no country is able to dominate. If delegates fail to obey the directions of the chair, they lose their speaking and/or voting rights.

Our students acquitted themselves admirably and engaged in the full range of discussions and negotiations. On the Saturday night, a delegate banquet and disco was held. This allowed students to let their hair down, extend their friendships to peers in other schools and dance the night away.

With the conference finishing at 3:00 pm on Sunday, our exhausted delegates still found time to hit Egypt’s largest shopping mall. Finally we delayed our return flight to Khartoum until Monday afternoon because no visit to Cairo would be complete without a tour of the Pyramids at Giza.

MUN is an unrivalled educational experience.

Mrs Tatiana
Mr Chris


Last week was a very significant occasion in the history of KICS as we reached the milestone of 400 students on roll.  That this has been achieved without lowering of standards or expectations or in any way relaxing our selective admissions policy is testament to the quality of education delivered over the past 5 years.
The occasion was marked with a celebration for the students organised by our registrar, Mrs Shaza.  During fatour the Infants had ice creams and balloons. During second break the Junior and Senior students got together on the flag-decked World Map for music, ice cream and the release of 400 helium filled balloons. This was a happy occasion for all members of KICS staff and students.

This celebratory event was kindly supported by the KICS Parents Association. 
Other heartening news concerning our student roll is that the student body at KICS now represents 43 different nationalities.  This diversity is greatly prized and underlines the truly international mix of our community.  We look forward over the coming years to further increasing both the size of our student body and the number of countries that they represent.




On Tuesday 11th October Mr Alsir Sidahmed came to KICS to speak at the second Humanities Department Lecture Series 2010-11 about The Role of Oil in the Sudanese Political Economy. Mr Sidahmed’s presentation was well attended by over sixty members of the KICS, and wider Khartoum, community. There was a wide range of interested participants in the audience from a number of nationalities. Mr Sidahmed spoke for forty minutes then the floor was opened for a number of very interesting questions and points of view. Mr Sidahmed started his lecture talking about three political phases in Sudanese history and how they related to the three oil phases. He then developed these points to speak about oil and political development in Sudan, the impact of oil on the Sudanese economy, the location of the north and south oil fields, the oil push for peace, mutual interests and the challenges facing the NCP and SPLM and future energy production and supply in Sudan. This was a very informative lecture and provided the audience with lots of food for thought especially in the present political environment leading up to the Referendum in January 2011.
Natasha Winnard


The Senior Section is piloting a new curriculum called The Leadership Programme (LP) starting August 2010. The aim of the Year 7-11 Leadership Programme at KICS is to successfully prepare students for leadership roles during their time at KICS and beyond, at university and in their lives and future careers. It also encompasses the development of a number of personal, social and health skills. 

We believe that effective leaders are inspirational, challenge themselves and others and have a responsibility to themselves, their peers, school and community. Leaders challenge themselves to model exemplary behaviour at all times and to take personal responsibility to reflect and improve when this does not happen.

In order to successfully prepare students for leadership roles we believe that the IBO Learner Profile attributes of being principled, balanced, caring and reflective are fundamental.

As part of this Programme we are giving Senior School Leadership Award Certificates.

The following students demonstrated leadership during the months of August and September.

Year 12
Christopher Frattina dell Frattina for having the confidence to lead and for taking responsibility for the welfare of others during the Year 12 IB/ODE Induction Camp

Sara Ahmed El Sayed for giving thoughtful consideration to her learning and for showing confidence in a new environment during the Year 12 IB/ODE Induction Camp Ms Izzy

Shahd Omer Sidahmed In recognition of the empathy and compassion that Shahd showed towards a new student who was struggling to make the transition to a very different school environment.

Year 11
Kirillus Masoud for his excellent leadership skills as demonstrated when he helped with the U14 Girls’ Basketball team training Mr Chris

Year 10
Reem Jamal Alwali for demonstrating the confidence to lead and take responsibility for her group data collection on the Geography field trip. Mr Peter

Hassan El Sadig, Anna Maria Rifaat Masoud, Yasmin Ashraf Botros and Reem Jamal Alwali for all demonstrating being principled and caring whilst helping at the Infant Swimming Gala

Hassan El Sadig for being caring and setting a leadership example to younger students in the Under 11 basketball team

Farouk Kamal Abdu for his willingness to volunteer to help with the Under 11 basketball team and for demonstrating impressive organizational skills Mrs Annie

Year 9
Nicolas Tutt, Dena Osama and Omnia Ahmed Swar for all demonstrating being principled and caring whilst helping at the Infant Swimming Gala Mrs Annie

Year 8
Ahmed Sobahi for demonstrating being principled and caring whilst helping at the Infant Swimming Gala
Year 8 Moez Tariq Abdu willingness to volunteer to help with Under 11 basketball team and for setting a good example to younger students Mrs Annie

Year 7
Hanna Suliman Nicole for demonstrating being principled and caring whilst helping at the Infant Swimming Gala Mrs Annie

Congratulations to all students for taking the initiative to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills and to model leadership qualities to their peers and younger students at KICS.

Mrs Natasha

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