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This week has been full of excitement as Primary students have interacted with our visiting author David Bedford. Teachers and library staff worked hard to make sure the children knew who David was before he arrived and it has been wonderful to see children recognize him and say hello as he walked around school. The children have loved hearing him read his books and younger classes did activities based on his stories. Years 3-6 got to ask David the questions they wrote last week and got some interesting answers! David shared his love of writing with students in the writing workshops for older Primary students. Students learnt how to develop the different parts of a story and some students showed excellent writing talent when they read out their stories to the whole class.



Silver KICS Band Variety Show 2016


As the dust settled and the workmen moved out the instruments and equipment from the latest Variety Show to come to KICS, there was a sense in the air that something special had occurred only moments earlier. It was a special feeling of conclusion as well as success. After 9 years of Variety Shows, it might be easy to say this was the best one yet, but it might just be! The show started off with the first time appearance of the 10-member Bronze KICS Band in their smart looking red shirts and black trousers. Each piece was well presented and obviously well rehearsed.


                  Paloma plays Spanish Romance on guitar also plays flute                    Ema plays Penguin Heat Wave on piano


The programme continued with a number of young pianists, violinists and guitarists, each taking to their respective instruments with well-practiced and rehearsed pieces. Each performer had practiced performing their pieces in our weekly Fatour Recitals in the Senior Library.


                   Yasin performs Prokofievs Romeo and Juliet on the piano also plays baritone saxophone                  Mark plays Pop Goes the Weasel on the piano


The first half concluded with Serge Prokofiev’s piano version of the "Theme from Romeo and Juliet” as performed by Yasin Ibrahim, whose performance was wildly received by an enthusiastic audience.After everyone had their Band Brownie for the evening, the Silver KICS Band out did itself in performing a wide repertoire such as "Eye of the Tiger", "25 or 6 to 4", Shostakovich’s "Waltz No. 2", Puccini’s "Nessun Dorma’ and the every popular “Mas Que Nada”.


                     d                     Fahd on bass guitar with the Bronze KICS Band


The band sounded particularly well this evening due to the improved concert venue, the KICS Gymnasium, which besides having air conditioning and a wind-free/ noise free stage, it also had lively acoustics which allowed all of the band members to hear each other. Following the band, the larger than usual, very cool and relaxed audience hear performances from a number of more advanced pieces such as Dvorak’s “Humoresque", performed on violin by Alia Ibrahim, who also performed on piano Mendelssohn’s "Venetian Gondola Man" Paloma graced the stage with her guitar solo "Spanish Romance".

     Alia on drum set with Silver KICS Band also plays violin and piano


Her sister also performed Schubert’s “The Swan Dance”; Christian with "Ventus’ Theme”; Tony Wentao with the beautiful sounds of St. Saens “Romance on French horn. Now there is an instrument people do not hear enough of- the French horn! And Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor Op. 3 No. 6 as performed by Rithe Arnold concluded the second half with a very excited audience.




‘Communities need a variety of systems to ensure human and environmental survival.’

That’s how it started, with a concept!




The exhibition gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in the PYP and to take action as a result of their learning. The focus every year is to ensure that the ‘action’ component is sustainable and meaningful. The students were also encouraged to make strong links with our community.


   IMG 1620       IMG 1621       IMG 1623


The students have put in the hours at school, after school, at home and at the weekend.
They have:
•    Planned field trips to Alafoun farm, Al Assad recycling factory, WFP, EU.
•    Researched their topics, wrote reports of 1000 words
•    Learned how to cite sources
•    Surveyed to collect data
•    Reflected on their learning
•    Created brochures and ads to promote their action plan


A big thank you to all teachers who supported the students throughout this process, the parents for putting in the hours at home, coming into school as well as arranging field trips and guest speakers for the students. Without your help, enthusiasm and belief in the project that they were doing, it would not have been as successful and rewarding as it has been.
Congratulations to the all of the students for their commitment, enthusiasm and support of each other during this roller Coaster ride known as Exhibition.  As a result of this sustained focus and dedication, the students in their groups were able to achieve projects based on:
Global warming and desertification in particular
Water conservation
Pollution and recycling
Health, Famine, Diabetes, diseases, obesity  
Gender inequality within health and education working with KICS project She Learns
Recycling in Sudan (plastic bottles)
Issues concerning the growing of crops in Sudan
Renewable energy: hydroelectric, solar power and

Well done to the students for demonstrating a good understanding of their projects and being knowledgeable about their subject content.   
When looking around the room at this impressive display of action, one has to be impressed by the collaborative powers that a group of 11-12 year olds possess!



IMG 6599


Our biggest cohort yet has graduated from KICS! Twenty-nine students received their diplomas on the enchanted evening of Friday, 22 April 2016. This is our biggest class of students to graduate with a KICS Diploma and sit for the prestigious IB Diploma exams. The group is a mix of students that have known KICS from its inception while others joined more recently to form this diverse and multi-talented group of young adults.  The KICS IB Diploma Programme is unique not only because we are the only school to offer the distinctive international qualification in Sudan, but because we pride ourselves in giving our students unique skills and values as part of their education. Our students are not only academically competitive, but they are also resilient, open-mined, ambitious, and caring. This group of students pulled each other through the thick and thin of the past two years to bring the cohort together, ready to face the challenge of the Final Exams and the Next Step.  


 IMG 6740    IMG 6688


We have students aspiring to continue their higher education in Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada. We have a first time offer from Cambridge, UK; Cornell, USA; and a full scholarship from University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. Our students are stepping into a world of adulthood where they will face the trials and tribulations of a sometimes scary, yet hopeful world. We are proud of our students, and we have been privileged to walk the path with them on this journey. We can only look at them with tears of pride in our eyes as they continue to walk their journey from KICS.


IMG 6760


The night was a magical event with the KICS Cafeteria transformed into a luminous array of blue, green and yellow. After the formal ceremony we presented Qiyu Yang (James) with the prestigious honour of Class Valedictorian. In his proud speech, he said the IB Diploma did not beat them! They beat the Diploma as a group together. The evening ended with the Student Vote of Thanks by Nada Daoud and Ismail Ismail, where they graciously thanked everyone that makes KICS the inclusive and academically challenging community that it is. MusicIt was truly a wonderful way to end the evening.




IMG 6050

The Year 3 IB Art Show contained work by Hui Wan, Leen, Katie and Saria. Everybody who saw the show mentioned how totally individual was the work by each student.

Hui Wan concentrated on landscapes and seascapes having travelled to several nations such as Thailand, Mauritius, Turkey, China, the UK and Kenya. She has been inspired by traditional Chinese  artists as well as French Impressionists, having studied original works in London, Edinburgh and Beijing. She has tried to achieve pleasing effects of light and colour, combining the structural elements of Cezanne with the light and colour of the Impressionists.


 IMG 6047    IMG 6042    IMG 6044


Katie has focused on the human form and face and investigated the psyches of people she knows.  Her work has involved many techniques and processes such as pen and ink, photography, video, audio, collage, acrylic paint, and tonal pencil, and has been produced in a detailed manner. Her main inspirations have been Basquiat, Arbus and Musa. She met and interviewed Hassan Musa and saw many original works in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao last year.


                  IMG 6010                    IMG 5998  


Leen has concentrated on the people and customs of Sudan and has been very experimental and ambitious with a huge panorama based on and evoking the market at Bahri, a vast painting containing 70 small circular paintings, various photographs of local places and people, and paintings and 3D work of local people and figures. Her work certainly caught the public’s imagination. Influences on her work included Rashid Diab whom she interviewed twice, Amir Nour whom she interviewed once and Frida Kahlo.


                  IMG 6051               IMG 6058


Saria has concentrated on faces and has explored strong colour ranges through the media of chalk pastel,paint often mixed with flour, sand etc. and marker pens. Her main influences have been Stephen Bennett (an American portrait artist who uses liberated colour), and Pop Art. She has also worked with Mutaz Mohamed who is a local artist.





During Spring break, 25 of our KICS students went on our annual ski trip to La Tzoumaz in Switzerland.  This is usually the highlight for most students and this year did definitely not disappoint.

The weather was amazing and, because of a late dump of snow, the skiing conditions were also excellent.
Throughout the week our students learned how to ski/snowboard within their respective ability groups and worked on their skills, techniques and confidence.  All their instructors were full of praise for how quickly our students progressed.


               2                3


Besides all the fun on the snow our students also had various team games and activities they participated in at our chalet.  These included karaoke competitions, making music videos, charades, pool & foosball games, etc.  Everyone took part in this and had a lot of fun doing so.
We also had a mid-week excursion where we visited the Gruyere chess factory, the Callier chocolate factory and a beautiful little lake town, Vivier.




All in all it was a very exciting and successful trip.  Our KICS students were great ambassadors for our school and for Sudan and can be very proud of themselves.




The Festival of One-Acts has become one of the most popular events for students at KICS. This is an annual theatre festival directed, acted and produced by senior students in partnership with KICS Fine Arts Department. As part of the festival, students will quickly become participants in the production process. They will attempt to produce work that is suitable, well-prepared and enjoyable for the audience.




                  ONE2                     ONE4




Students created their own plays or adapted existing ones. A lot of rehearsal time, collaboration, and planning occurred to mount this project. This event is not only a venue to showcase their acting and writing talents but also to promote drama and theatre inside and outside the KICS community; it enables students to interact with other students in a safe environment; it also emphasizes collaboration, life in theatre during rehearsals, discussions, performances and responses. It also exposes students to the many facets of theatre outside the confines of the classroom. Lastly, this event is an academic support for students to further develop their craft as theatre artists.




IMG 1601


After the Arabic Evening, so many congratulations went to both Arabic & French teachers and to performers from year 7, 8, 9, and 10. Our students have put all their heart to play incredibly well, and they did! A special thank go also to the technical crew composed mainly from year 12 who has supported this event for the sound, the lighting, the back stage, the timing and so forth. When so much energy, time, and dedication is invested, harvesting the well-deserved success is a must.


                   IMG 2010                   IMG 2185


Thank you to all the parents, friends and extended family who came to make a vivid and supportive audience. This event would not have been complete without the French Café where French delicacies were savored.  So thank you all and see you again next year!  À bientôt ;D




IMG 9867


KICS celebrates creative writing by organizing the Tayeb Salih Short Story Writing competition.  The competition honors the renowned Sudanese writer El Tayeb Salih, whose novel “Season of Migration to the North” was listed among the best 100 works in the world. Also his “Wedding of Zein” was produced as a film and won in an award at the Cannes Film Festival in the 1970’s. His works are translated into more than 20 languages.

The competition includes both Junior section students Years 3-6 who write short stories in the English language and Senior section students who write short stories either in Arabic or English language.  For the first time,  as a trial, Mrs Cecile even got some students to write short stories in French!

This year we were lucky to have some distinguished judges.  In Juniors, the judging is done by staff however in the Seniors we bring in outside judges.    In the Seniors our Arabic judges were Dr Mustafa Elsawi, Mr. Izzeldin Merghani and Mr. Ahmed Awad. Our English judges were Nicky Singer who was our visiting author and had taken writing workshops while she was at KICS the week earlier and Griselda Eltayeb.  All the judges were impressed with the quality of stories and the world awareness that our students showed in the topics they wrote about.  Well done students!

The award ceremony took place in the evening of the  18th  February 2016 in the Junior Hall at school in front of a full audience.  Trophies were presented to first prize winners and certificates to second and third place winners.  Afterwards everyone enjoyed Sudanese singing and food on the World Map with the Sudanese market sellers stalls.   

Some  categories only had  a few entries so only one prize was awarded.   Prizes were given to the following students:  

Senior Section
Arabic Language winners:

Years 7 – 9:
First: Abdulla Osama
Second: Noon Ali Ismail
Third: Fatima Yassir


Years 10 – 11:
First: Monia Mamoun


Year 12 – 13:
First: Dinan Alasad
Second: Ayat Mohamed Salih
Third: Ahmed Seed Mohamed


English Language winners:

Years 7 – 9:

First: Tamara Ghandour.
Second:  Paloma Ghandour.
Third: Jana Manna.


Years 10 – 13:
First: Oluwatobi Oluwajim


Junior section:


Year 3:
First prize:  Nour Eldin Ziad Nassar.
Second prize : Shixin Zhang.
Third prize: Harry Parr Ferris.


Year 4:
First prize : Ayiesha Omer Elseed.
Second prize: Zara Ahmed.
Third prize: Cosima Melotte


Year 5:
First prize : Aubrey Melotte.
Second prize: Maryan Mohamed Nur.
Third prize: Fatima Haidar.


Year 6:
First prize : Claire Waruguru Ngunyi.
Second prize: Lucia Mamberto Troncoso.
Third prize: Joud Isam Akrat


تهتم مدرسة مجتمع الخرطوم العالمية بالكتابة الإبداعية و ذلك بتنظيمها مسابقة الطيب صالح لكتابة القصة القصيرة. تحتفي المسابقة بالكاتب السوداني المعروف الطيب صالح و الذي صُنفت روايته "موسم الهجرة الى الشمال" من ضمن أفضل مائة عمل ابداعي في العالم. أيضا تم تحويل عمله "عُرس الزين" الى عمل سينمائي و قد فاز في مهرجان كان السينمائي في سبعينيات القرن الماضي. كما تمت ترجمة أعماله الى أكثر من 20 لغة في العالم.
تشمل المسابقة القسم الإبتدائي من الصفوف 3 – 6 و الذين يقدمون اعمالهم باللغة الإنجليزية؛ و أيضاً تشمل قسم الثانوي و الذين يقدمون أعمالهم باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية. و لأول مرة قام القسم الفرنسي بحث طلابه على الكتابة باللغة الفرنسية كتجربة أولى و سيتم تفييمها.
في هذا العام كان لدينا عدد من المحكمين المميزين؛ ففي القسم الإبتدائي قام الأساتذة بتحكيم القصص المقدمة بأنفسهم؛ أما في القسم الثانوي فقد كان محكمو القصص المقدمة باللغة العربية د. مصطفى الصاوي، الأستاذ عز الدين ميرغني و الأستاذ أحمد عوض. أما محكمي القصص المقدمة باللغة الإنجليزية فقد كانوا الكاتبة المعروفة نيكي سينجر و التي كانت في زيارة للمدرسة و التي أقامت ورش عمل للكتابة الإبداعية في الفترة قبيل المسابقة؛ و أيضا جريزيلدا الطيب للعام الرابع على التوالي. كان كل المحكمين سعيدين بجودة الأعمال و المعرفة الواسعة بما يدور في العالم من التلاميذ.
أقيم حفل توزيع الجوائز بمباني المدرسة في يوم 18 فبراير 2016 بحضور عدد كبير من التلاميذ و أولياء الأمور؛ حيث تم تقديم الجوائز لأصحاب المراكز الأول و الشهادات لاصاحب المركزين الثاني و الثالث. ثم تلا ذلك غناء سوداني و سوق للمنتجات اليدوية السودانية.
الفائزون بالجوائز:
بعض الفئات كان فيها عدد قليل من المتسابقين لذا تم تقديم جائزة واحدة فقط.
القسم الثانوي
الفائزون بجوائز القصص باللغة العربية:
الصفوف 7 – 9:
المركز الأول: عبد الله أسامة.
المركز الثاني: نون علي أسماعيل.
المركز الثالث: فاطمة ياسر.

الصفوف 10 – 11:
المركز الأول: منية مأمون.

الصفوف 12 – 13:
المركز الأول: دنان الأسد.
المركز الثاني: آيات محمد صالح.
المركز الثالث: أحمد سعيد محمد.
الفائزون بجوائز القصص باللغة الإنجليزية:

الصفوف 7 – 9:
المركز الأول: تمارا غندور.
المركز الثاني: بالوما غندور.
المركز الثالت: جنا المنا.

الصفوف 10 – 13:
المركز الأول: توبي اولواجم

القسم الإبتدائي:
الصف الثالث:
المركز الأول: نور الدين زياد نصار.
المركز الثاني: شنشن زانج.
المركز الثالث: هاري بار فيريس.

السنة الرابعة:
المركز الأول: عائشة عمر السيد.
المركز الثاني: زارا احمد.
المركز الثالث: كوزيما ميلوتي.
السنة الخامسة:
المركز الأول: أوبري ميلوتي.
المركز الثاني: ماريان موحمد نور
المركز الثالث: فاطمة حيدر.

السنة السادسة:
المركز الأول: كلير واروجورو.
المركز الثاني: لوسيا مامبيرتو ترونكوسو.
المركز الثالث: جود عصام أكرت



IMG 1130 

On Thursday, February 25th, the KICS Sports Field was host to over 250 students from KICS, Nile Valley, Unity and KAS. It was an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation as students competed in our annual Senior Athletics Day. Events included Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Long Jump and High Jump alongside various relays and races. Senior teachers and staff added enthusiasm and encouragement to each event as students lined up to run, throw and jump. Many students worked hard to overcome physical and mental challenges leading up to Athletics Day and it was inspiring to see their passion and commitment throughout the event. It was a memorable day with so many members of the community coming together in the spirit of healthy active living and student achievement!


Honorable mention goes to the following students for finishing first in their respective age group and event:


Event: 100M
Alia Ibrahim, Qais Masri, Gift Akinloye, Ahmed Sobahi.

                 100m - Dana Y8                   IMG 0901             


Shot Put:
Sindhu Katta, Qais Masri, Gift Akinloye, Nawash Masri.

IMG 0964


Dana Abualella, David Cooper, Mona El Nefeidi, Nawash Masri.



Amina El Nour, Tamir Fouad.



Long Jump:
Alia Ibrahim, Qais Masri, May El Robi, Ahmed Sobahi.

Long Jump - Asir Y13


High Jump:
Alia Ibrahim, Mazin Fouad, Sijoud El Sheikh, Ziad Malik & Yousif Mirghani.

IMG 1185



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