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The morning of September 14th saw Year 12's collecting and sorting individual and group kit for their Induction Camp at the Horse Stables.  The camp was designed with two purposes in mind; to give the students the time to bond as a group in an environment conducive to this and to further develop their skills in working as part of an effective team.


To this end, the students participated in a range of team activities and lived and cooked together at the site.  Communication skills were challenged right from the off, with students setting up their tents while blindfolded and different forms of communication were used and analysed in a whole group challenge involving some members who were mute, some who were blind and some who were unable to move.


Cooperation played an essential part in the camp, with students responsible for planning their menus, buying their food supplies and
cooking all their meals.  This provided a great opportunity for the students to get to know each other better and led to some interesting food combinations!

Brains were stretched on several purely mental challenges and on the final morning the students faced the physical challenge of hiking back to school carrying their gear and using map and compass to navigate.  


This camp was in preparation for the Year 12's ten day expedition to Northern Thailand in January 2011, where they will again be focusing on leadership and team skills, participating in a wide range of outdoor activities including rock climbing, kayaking and building bamboo rafts; serving hill tribe communities on a construction project and experiencing and learning from Thai culture.

Izzy Bartley
ODE Co-ordinator


The Junior Swim Gala was a huge success with our highest parent turn out ever.  We were fantastically lucky with a cool breeze on the day.  Everyone saw a huge improvement in the level of swimming since the beginning of the semester and every child was able to swim a length of our beautiful 25 m pool.  Enthusiasm was paramount as students cheered for their teams and swam their hearts out.  It was really wonderful to see such whole hearted participation.  

The outcome of the team competition at the gala was:
1st place: Crocodiles
2nd place: Dolphins
3rd place: Scorpions
4th place: Lions


Well done to everyone who competed and to the ATAC department for their superb organization.
Kirsten Durward
Head of Juniors


On Saturday 25th September, over 20 staff from KICS had the opportunity of visiting several of the DAL group projects including the Ailafoon Farm, the DFI plant, Sayga Flour Mills and the Bakery Development more


On Sunday 16th September twenty three IGCSE Geography students and two teachers spent the day on Tuti Island at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile Rivers to carry out an IGCSE hypotheses more



Friends or Foes? The History of Sudanese – Egyptian Relations

Last Wednesday Dr Fadwa Abdel Rahman Ali Taha opened the 2010-11 Humanities Department Lecture Series in the Senior Library with a fascinating lecture titled Friends or Foes? more

Twelve Year 7-12 students and two teachers from KICS visited China during the summer holiday (May 23rd-June 6th). This was a wonderful opportunity to visit the cities of Beijing more


The new international educators joining KICS this year enjoyed a week of induction activities before the start of this academic year. They join us from postings ranging in such countries as more



On Friday 23rd of April the students, families and teachers of the Graduating class of 2010 came together to celebrate.  A reception was held around the fountain area with entertainment provided by renowned guitarist Dr El Fatih Hussein and the graduates were escorted to the Senior library to have formal photographs taken with their families.

When the photos were completed, and after the traditional group photo in front of the fountain, the graduates proceeded to the Junior Hall which had been set up for the presentation followed by a buffet dinner.  

The guest speaker was Mr Mark Exton who urged the graduating class to remember that the combination of ability and passion would ensure that they fulfilled their aspirations.


The graduates each gave two minute recorded presentations of their memories of growing up and photos of themselves at various stages in their lives.  Each of these was very personal and in many cases provided really moving accounts of young people about to spread their wings and move on to a new and more independent stage in their lives.


The formalities completed, the guests enjoyed a buffet dinner and then DJ Taha turned up the tempo and the dance floor filled up with students, parents and teachers enjoying themselves.  

The students had invited their friends to join them for a later party that continued until the early hours of the morning.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all those in attendance.


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