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The annual KICS Open Campus Day was held this year on Wednesday February 9th 2011. This event adds up to the many important events on the KICS calendar! It is a day when KICS opens its gates to its existing parents as well as to the wider community- a chance to experience learning at KICS!

The purpose of this annual event is to promote KICS to the wider community and reflect on how a typical school day is like at KICS but also guaranteeing the least possible disturbance to the students in their learning environment.

Visitors were allowed to wander around campus all day and visit classrooms. A programme for the day was prepared with lessons being advertised for parents. Music and refreshments were made available in the World Map where visitors and staff got together for quick chats! Display boards on the World Map area promoted the school’s programmes, forthcoming events, KICSMUN, KICS Horse Riding School and Love for Reading.

Breaking the record of previous years, we’ve had 120 visitors this year during the course of the day. This number included staff of a small local elementary school who were curious to see how a typical school day at KICS is like!

Wonderful and positive feedback from parents was received about what they saw in classrooms!

Thanks to all KICS staff members for making the 2011 KICS Open Campus Day a successful one!

Shaza Bushara, School Registrar

KICS sent nine delegates to THIMUN representing the delegation of Laos PDR. This was our largest delegation going to THIMUN to date, and the years of MUN that we have behind us now are really starting to shine through in our students. The conference theme this year was “Crime and Punishment” and delegates debating a number of topics ranging from honour killings and nuclear disarmament.

This year students were more prepared and confident in their councils, and could be seen in their active participation in resolution building and public speaking.

THIMUN is the largest high school MUN conference in the world. Approximately 3,500 students gather from around the world every year to simulate various bodies of the United Nations. KICS is the only school in Sudan to be invited to this prestigious event.

Attiat Gamal Year 13 Special Conference on Crime and Punishment
Iman Maowia Year 11   Special Conference on Crime and Punishment
Eman Mansour Year 11                Human Rights Council
Khaldah Salih Year 13 (Head Delegate) General Assembly
Sarya Elnefeidi Year 13 General Assembly
Tara Abdelmutaal Year 11 Human Rights Council
Nadeen Abdelmutaal Year 13 General Assembly
Mountasir Eltohami Year 13 Disarmament Commission
Christopher Frattina della Frattina Year 12 General Assembly




KICSMUN V was the largest MUN conference to be held by KICS yet, with approximately 80 participants in this student-led event. Students from KICS, KAS and Unity participated.

Work began in May 2010 with our student officers choosing councils and topics. Our conference theme, set by Secretary-General Nafisa Eltahir, was “Securing Accountability”, and we simulated two councils of the UN, the Security Council and for the first-time, the Human Rights Council.



Delegates in the Human Rights Council debated two topics: “The Rights of Women to Education in Afghanistan”, and “Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment”. In the Security Council delegates debates “The Question of Nuclear Disarmament in Israel and DPR Korea”. For the first time this year we included a crisis situation in the Security Council, “The Situation in South Sudan” by which students are challenged to deal with an issue of international peace and security without previous research. The crisis situation is based on factual components, but the crisis itself is usually fictitious. The idea is to test a delegate’s skills as a debater, their research strengths, as well as their creative ability to use what they know about diplomacy, the UN and the world around them.

The conference was held for 2.5 days with the opening ceremony being the official start of the conference on Thursday, 10 February 2011. Our keynote speaker was Mr Elfatih M Erwa, MD and CEO of Zain, Sudan. Debate then ensued on Friday and Saturday.

Our student officers this year were:

Executive Team

Secretary-General: Nafisa Eltahir
Under Secretary-General: Attiat Gamal


Security Council
President: Mountasir El-tohami
Director: Hind Motasim Daoud
Director: Harrison Nyamira
Director: Christopher Frattina della Frattina

Human Rights Council
President: Khaldah Mohamed Salih
Director: Nadeen Abdelmutaal Mamoun
Director: Sarya Amin El-nefeidi


26 students and 3 teachers travelled to the cool hills in Chiang Mai Thailand.
The program developed outdoor skills with a large portion of the program dedicated to team building exercises as well as looking at various aspects of leadership development. The specific goals expose /develop:
·       Leadership skills
·       Team member skills
·       Effective decision making
·       Trust in self and others
·       Responsibility for self and others
·       Social skills
·       Effective communication.


The Y12 students flew to Thailand on 3rd January. The programme started on the 5th with an introduction to Thai Culture in terms of a language class as well a Khantoke Dinner and cultural show. The Dinner was held on the floor of an amphitheater by a lake. The amphitheater was decorated with traditional lanterns and small oil lamps and students were greeted with jasmin flower garlands. Several traditional Northern Thai dishes were laid out on low tables (called ‘khantokes’) and small groups of students shared a meal table together. In accord with local custom, students used their fingers to eat. The dinner ended with students making wishes and releasing lanterns into the sky not forgetting the fireworks especially the golden “fountains” across the water. 

The following day the students completed a day-long leadership and team building workshop, facing a mixture of physical and mental challenges which called for a range of problem solving skills, and provided varied opportunity for self-development.  Each challenge was followed up by a debrief, including the use of video footage taken during the activity to highlight strengths and weaknesses within the teams.

Two exciting and adrenalin filled days followed. The group piled into sawng taos (literally, two rows) which are a local kind of truck. An hours journey ended at Crazy Horse Buttress where, after some games to break the ice, the students were split into three groups to rotate round the activities: rock climbing, tyrolean and abseil, and cave exploration.


The year 12s really rose to the challenge. The tyrolean scared many but beat none as all students hauled themselves across the abyss on a rope pulley system before abseiling 30 metres to the cave floor!

That evening the students slept in a small village located in the beautiful mountains and surrounded by lush forests. Students were split into groups of 4 or 5 and sent off with a home stay family. Many commented on how good the food was and really enjoyed the experience of getting a taste of traditional Thai life. The locals were extremely welcoming and were excited to have people from so far away staying in their village! Luckily the cockerels did not wake up till about 6:30 a.m. so we were treated to a lie in, in village terms.

The following morning the students met the Flight of the Gibbon guides to get kitted out in full-body harnesses and helmets for their flight down the valley. The Y12s zipped through the ancient forest from platform to platform, the longest wire being 300 meters. The students definitely had a fantastic time and all commented on how beautiful the surroundings were. There were also sky bridges and a few abseils to negotiate and the surprise highlight of seeing a mother gibbon with her baby. With only approximately 200 gibbons left in the wild in the whole of the country, this was a really special event. The gibbon came close to the group and showed off her prowess in the trees by hanging upside down while her baby clung to her belly. The company Flight of the Gibbon has invested heavily in the local community, employing and training villagers as their staff, promoting environmental sustainability and using part of their profits to bring the gibbons back to this particular area of the forest. 

The students then headed out to Sri Lanna National Park for some mountain biking before kayaking out to stay the night on floating houseboats.



Another year and another fabulous Arabic evening was presented and for the first time by the junior students only. A celebration of the Arabic language and culture was demonstrated through plays from traditional tales, songs and dances. The highlight of the show was the Y6’s Fashion Show which included traditional costumes from a number of the Arabic countries accompanied by brief information about each one of those countries. The students learned more about the language, the culture in addition to music and drama.



The audience enjoyed every item that was presented and expressed their gratitude and pride in what they saw. The students also felt so proud of them selves and enjoyed being part of the whole production and many of them showed interest in learning more about folklore tales, traditional dances or costumes from their own country and other countries even after the show was over. It was so lovely to see that all the effort that was put into such a production by the PYP Arabic team was enjoyed and appreciated by all students and parents. We have to say though that it would not have been a success if it was not to the great team work done by all the teachers in the Juniors section. Well done to everyone and looking forward to this time again next year with another Arabic evening and another beautiful celebration of the rich language and culture.


KICS has been awarded accreditation by the prestigious Council of International Schools. This was achieved only 5 years after the opening of the school and is a testament to the hard work of all the KICS administration, teachers and staff members. CIS accreditation does not only look at areas of teaching and learning but scrutinises all areas of the school’s operations. This includes health and safety, human resources, school governance, philosophy and the school’s community. The award of CIS accreditation is an internationally recognized quality mark showing that KICS is a school that aspires to the highest possible standards. 
KICS is the first and only school in Sudan to have achieved both CIS accreditation and authorization by the International Baccalaureate to offer the IB Diploma and Primary Years programmes.


The Year 11 IGCSE Geography class went into the field on Thursday, 9th December to investigate some important geographical concepts as part of their Paper 4 field work enquiry preparation. Students were divided into small groups and members of each group visited either the Marwa Centre or the Amarat 2 Centre in Riyad. The aim of this field trip was for students to conduct surveys on shopping patterns and the sphere of influence of each shopping centre. In order to do this effectively the students, in their groups, devised hypotheses and looked at the methodology they would use to test these hypotheses. On returning from the field trip, data was collated, presented and analysed. Each group will give a Powerpoint presentation after the Winter break where they will present their findings to the whole class including their conclusions and a full evaluation of the process. On behalf of the Humanities Department we would like to thank the management of both stores for their kindness in allowing us to conduct these surveys.

Mrs Natasha and Mr Peter


On Thursday, 25 November the KICS Senior School students welcomes Ms Hiba Salah, the Corporate Social Responsibility Supervisor at DAL Group.  The purpose of her role is to portray, advocate and promote goodwill of DAL Group to realize its representation as a socially responsible corporation to internal stakeholders and external community.

The title of her talk was’Responsible Leaders of Tomorrow: How Do I Become One? 

Ms. Hiba began by asking the students several questions about what they thought being a responsible leader was. The students responded very enthusiastically with statements such as ‘being fair’ and ‘being honest’. Ms Hiba added that responsible leaders today need to have a vision. They cannot just lead but know where they are going and why. And most importantly the people they are leading need to understand this goal as well.

A socially responsible corporation makes sure that its employees, managers and customers are represented fairly in decisions taken by the company. They are also encouraged to act responsibly towards their community and their environment. This means that for example, the employees are given opportunities to engage in projects which help protect the environment and/or help others in the local community.

Ms. Hiba finished her talk with some more questions from the audience. The students were very fortunate to hear about corporate responsibility and how it is it does and will continue to affect the way all leaders conduct themselves and their organizations in the world today. 


As the afternoon crept towards early evening and the shadows lengthened across the KICS tennis courts, players from Unity High School, Tuti Island Tennis Club and KICS itself began to arrive and warm up for the start of the 2010 KICS Tennis Tournament.
With only 4 competitors, the U18 boys and U14 girls competitions would be played in a league-style format while the U14 boys had the anxieties of a straight knock-out competition to cope with…

Come finals time, the U14 Boys had been whittled down to Karim Obada and Mohamed Ahmed; the girls final was between our own Azza Malik and Dena Osama, while the U18 Boys final would be between defending champion Chris Frattina and Ali Ahmed of Unity High School.

The results:

U18 boys                    U14 boys                        U14 Girls

1st: Ali Ahmed             Karim Obada                   Azza Malik
2nd: Chris Frattina      Mohammed Ahmed          Dena Osman
3rd: Omar Osama       Hiba Hassan

Well done to all competitors and we look forward to the tournament growing bigger and better next year…

Mr Chris

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