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This year 14 Career Professionals from around Khartoum attended our annual Careers Fair. Our Senior students this year were privileged to have the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to experts in the fields of Banking, Business, the Armed Forces, and Engineering, to name a few.



The Careers Fair is part of the over College Counseling program aimed at enabling students to make better decisions regarding subjects they will study in both the IB Diploma Programme as well as university, and careers they may possibly want tpo pursue in the futures. This year all Senior students filled in a questionnaire about which careers they were interested in and what questions they would ask. Career professionals were invited keeping the students’ priorities in mind.        


We would like to thank all professionals that took time out of their busy day to attend the Fair and speak with our students. Indeed it was a wonderful and enriching opportunity for us all.

The following is a list of attendees.


Career:Career: Represented By:
Aviation/Pilot and Aircraft Engineer Cedric Hoffman-DAL Aviation
Technology-Engineering Ashraf Ahmed Oshi-Schlumberger
Business Management Akhtar Zahid-DAL Dairy Factory
Service Manager/General Manager Ali AlSheikh-DAL Agriculture
Catering Victor Alan Oosthuizen-Fenti Golf Club and Catering Services, DALFood Industries
Medicine Amna Umer
Information Technology Annas Gorani-MTN Sudan

Kashif Naeem Head of Retail Banking-Bank of Khartoum

Fahad Siddiqui -Head of Products and KaramUllah -Marketing Manager
Military LtColChris Luckham- Defense Attache British Embassy
Dentistry Rasha Sulman-Morsi Dental Centre             
Law Amani  Mohammed  Mustafa Ejami and Wael Omer Abdin- El Karib & Medani Advocates
Interior Design Lina Haggar
Fashion Design Omer Asim
14. Aviation and Marketing Khadiga Omer Mohammed Elhassan-Sales Executive, Qatar Airways



For the first time KICS hosted an Artist in Residence .  Generously sponsored by The DAL Group and KICSPA we were lucky enough to engage  New Yorker Christopher Myers, an internationally  respected author, illustrator and artist . Before his arrival we got hold of as many books as we could and prepared ourselves for his visit.


Christopher’s enthusiasm for his visit meant that as soon as he arrived he wanted to engage in and experience life in Khartoum. He had already decided to stay on an additional week so that he had time to paint; determined to absorb all he could.

Christopher’s timetable at KICS was packed.   He began by leading a 3 hour Drama Workshop for Senior School students.  Class enthusiasm was so great that they were soon  asking for more sessions. We could have filled an additional month with similar requests!

Mr Eugene, Head of Drama wrote:  I think that the workshop Christopher conducted with the Year 10, Drama & Art was great. The students really loved the work he did with them and it is a pity that the workshop was just for 3 periods.

Following this he spent a great deal of time in Art classes with Infant, Junior and Senior students.


Christopher said he wanted students to see him painting so a mini artist studio was set up for him in the Junior Library. A constant stream of students came to see him at work


Junior section teacher Miss  Maria commentated that Year 3A wrote   reflections of his visit. Mostly about how they enjoyed having him in class, how funny he is and how they want to be like him in the future.  He has inspired them to be artists.  They were all very enthusiastic to find out more about him and his work through a biography


Senior Section teacher Mr Christopher Way stated  “His input … particularly at the Senior Assembly … was most useful. A great visit to KICS from a dedicated professional, who infused all his energy into his work.



On his last day Christopher told Infant students a story at a special Book Week event in the Senior Library. They all dressed up as  Book Characters and enjoyed listening to a scary tale about a young boy who loved dressing up as a lion!






Monday March 28th saw around 50 invited guests enjoy an evening of discussion and debate with celebrated Anglo-Sudanese writer Jamal Mahjoub. Taking as his topic ‘Writers, Revolt and Social Networks’, Jamal explored the profound changes that have recently taken place in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East. The evening featured a fascinating Q&A session during which the role of Facebook, Twitter and the impact of new forms of writing on social connections and social change all came under scrutiny. KICS is extremely grateful to Jamal for sharing his ideas, for giving up his time and for supporting our school and its community.

To learn more about Jamal and his work please go to


                                      Theme of the Evening“RURAL SUDAN”

Students of Senior Arabic Language Department of KICS, both native & non-native have proudly performed & sang in the Arabic Evening on Wednesday 23rd.

Ya Watani By Non-natives


 During the Evening, they gracefully brought up all the features of Rural Sudan with different performances that embodied beloved Sudan villagers with their hospitality, generosity, sense of help & service. Joha, the legendary character was there in his sarcastic way solving problems & teaching morals. Even animals were represented in skits to reflect ethical behaviour. The glistening eloquence and exquisiteness of the river Nile ran swiftly among us through the Evening.

Our beloved country blossomed with culture while the beauty of its countryside projected its humble simplicity through which we saw a powerhouse of culture and tradition in their different array of colours speaking to us of the daily struggles and tribulations as well as the happiness and gaiety that comes from the rewarding day to day


interactions that spoke to the celebration of a heart-felt, inspiring and wonderful culture; one that knows love, hospitality, the respect of the elderly, cooperation and that honours the daily life from which greatness comes.
 These performances ranged from the famous Jiha and his donkey at the market to our highly acclaimed Bint Baladna which symbolized the intricateness of our culture. A cacophony of sounds from the countryside delivered the symphonic emblem of the richness and glory of our cultural life. For the entirety of the two hours the audience were satiated with a wide range of performances tailored to their enjoyment and proudly celebrated with us with the greatness of our beloved country.
The actors & actresses displayed their extensive and enchanting talents to portray the promised picture that has been painted with reverence to our glorified Arabic Language.


Every segment of the Show never ceased to entertain and enlighten our visitors & parents watching their children performing in modern & colloquial Arabic fluently in glisten and glide with culture and tradition.



احتفلتمدرسة مجتمع الخرطوم العالمية القسم الثانوي بالأمسية العربية لهذا العام في يوم الأربعاء 23/3/2011  وقد كانت الأمسية بعنوان " الريف السوداني"

كانت أمسية رائعة اشتملت على كثير من الفقرات المتنوعة من الأغاني الوطنية، الإلقاء الشعري،المسرحيات الشعرية باللغة الفصحى والدارجة على السواء.

 جاءت مسرحية " سعاد" للأديب الهادي آدم لتطرح قضية تزويج الفتيات من شيوخ مسنين طمعاً في المال والثراء وما يترتب على ذلك من مصائب.


وقد اشترك في الأمسية جميع طلاب اللغة العربية من الصف السابع وحتى الصف العاشر مع بعض الطلاب من الصفوف الحادي عشر والثالث عشر. وكان إشتراك الغير ناطقين بالعربية بقدر كبير شمل كل الذين يدرسون اللغة العربية في القسم الثانوي.

جسّدت الأمسية الريف السوداني وشعبه الطّيب بأخلاقياتة ومثله العالية، كما عكست الفقرات الكرم السوداني، النخوة، الشهامة، المساعدة و التعاضد والتكاتف الإجتماعي  وذلك صّورته مسرحية "حلة السلامة".

أما شخصية جحا الأسطورية الفكهة، فقد كانت حاضرة في المسرح لمعالجة القضايا الإنسانية خلال الطرح الفكاهي لتوصيل القيم والمثاليات الحياتية. كما صّورت الشخصيات الحيوانية الاجتهاد في الحياة وعدم الاعتماد على القدرات الجسمانية فقط وتجلى ذلك في السباق بين" السلحفاة والأرنب".


أضفى الغناء السوداني على المسرح الشعور بالوطنية وحب البلدان على المستوى العالمي حيث أنشد الطلاب غير الناطقين أغنية " يا وطني يا بلد أحبابي". وأ طلت علينا بنات بلدنا في أدائية رائعة.

أما نيلنا الخالد فقد عكس صفاءه على الأمسية حيث فاض علينا بخيراته الثّره وجعل الأطفال والحيوانات تتغنى له وترقص حوله طرباَ زاهياَ ,شكّلته الأزياء الرائعة والأنغام العذبة.

هذا بعض ما قٌدم في الأمسية من فقرات دلّت على المخزون من الطاقات والمواهب عند هؤلاء الطلاب المبدعين تمثيلاً وطلاقة لغوية لا يتصَور من لم يشاهد أ ن تكون في مدرسة عالمية.





                                KICS hosts WRA Sudan celebration of Mothers’ Day

“Celebrate a Mother, Save a Mother” was the slogan for the awareness and fundraising event planned by the White Ribbon Alliance for Safemotherhood in Sudan to mark Mothers’ Day on 21 March 2011. The event was sponsored by KICS and the DAL Group.

The walk and celebration was co-organized by WRA volunteers and KICS staff upon the invitation of the new and energetic riding instructors Jill and David who want to bring more action to their riding school on the Blue Nile in Soba, a tranquil suburb south of Khartoum. Guests were transferred from KICS to the stables by school buses starting from 5pm and set down at the gates from where they enjoyed a leisurely walk to the main building. From there, most guests took on the invitation to continue walking to the river and along the beach to Soba village. A spread of traditional English high tea of scones, cucumber sandwiches and other delicacies, prepared by Fendi Golf club chef Victor, were ready for those returning from the walk. Guests lounged in the lush garden and enjoyed the sunset and watching horses in the field while listening to the live instrumental musical played by a local ensemble. The few children present were extremely well behaved mesmerised by the horses as they were allowed to pet them.

WRA chairman, Dr Nahid Toubia, gave a brief talk congratulating guests on Mothers’ Day and explaining the work of WRA to advocate for reducing the high numbers of mothers dying during pregnancy and childbirth in Sudan from avoidable causes. She emphasized that the risk of complications and death is one of the biggest differentiators between rich and poor women in Sudan as in other developing countries. 

The event managed to generate considerable funds for the Alliance from the sale of tickets, a silent auction, donations and WRA memorabilia including pens and scarves made by WRA Youth Group volunteers. 

Our thanks to Mrs Samia Omar for the time, effort and resources she invested in this event and to Bourj Al Fatih hotel, Ms Marketta Brennan, the artist Mr Hussein Mirghani and Mrs Sara Al Nagar for donating items to the silent auction. For all those who attended we appreciate your coming out on a Monday afternoon, battling the traffic in the rush hours, to join us. For all those who wanted to support us but were unable to come this time we will make sure to invite you to our future events.



On Thursday 24th February the Years 3 and 4 students put together a fantastic performance for their audience. The students came alive on stage showing the integration of their learning from within the classroom through a performance.

Year 3 confidently and creatively shared what made them unique. They danced using expressions and poses that expressed how they are unique. They exhibited different forms of expressions by taking their audience on a walk through their art gallery. They expressed different emotions and feelings through dramatic Freeze Frames. They also examined how they can express themselves through music and musical instruments.


Year 4 students eagerly and excitedly show cased just some of what they had been doing in their Unit of Inquiry, Legacies. In collaboration with Music the Year 4 students presented a music piece as well as dramatic reading from a few of the great stories students had created based on their own civilisations.

The recently concluded football season has been a very successful one for KICS. KISSC League Champions at all Senior Section Age-groups – U14 Boys and Girls and U19 Boys and Girls. The U19 Boys and Girls’ teams also managed to secure their respective Khartoum Cup winners’ trophies in the course of February. In the Under-11s, our girls reached the final to decide the Champions and were finally beaten 4-3 in a penalty shoot-out. A successful penalty shoot-out took the U11 Boys into their final but they were beaten in normal time by UHS in the final match. Overall, out of 6 teams competing in the KISSC Football Leagues this year, ALL 6 reached the championship final and 3 of those won the final match. The U14 Girls never managed to play their final due to some organizational confusion, but they finished top of their group and therefore can be accepted as Champions of their division. 


U11 Boys Football Squad                                     U11 Girls Football Squad

KISSC League Finalists                                        KISSC League Finalists

Saif Fadi Al Faqih                                                    Akriti Jha
Ziad Nazar Musa                                                     Nawal Aden
Mahmoud Ahmed Makkawi                                      Dannella Ashia Mena
Lucas Freund                                                          Yasmin Ahmed El Nefeidi
Saif Karam Al Taweel                                               Jeham Omer Sholgami
Mohamed Motasim Daoud                                       Valentina Nabil Banayoti
Muhammad Furqan Nazri                                         Laila Hatim Malik
Jacob Stevenson Bibawi                                          Haneen Osman El Digair
Ahmed Yasir Yousif                                                  Amina El Saddig Hassan El Nour
Zain Ihab Daoud                                                     Yeji Han
Anders August Skogmo`                                         Urangani Madau
Mujtaba Tarig Abdu                                                 Zoe Elgin
Yasin Mohamed Ibrahim                                          Theodora Nabil Wasfi
Ziad Wael Malak                   
Samir Yasein El Gaddal               
Oliver Cutts                       
Ahmad Syaqil Farish Shafino                
Qais Haitham Masri                   
Sebastian Cutts


U14 Boys Football Squad                                     U19 Boys Football Squad

Champions – KISSC Football League                   Champions - KISSC Football League
3rd Place winners – Khartoum Cup                     Winners – Khartoum Cup

Matteu Motyl                                                          Tarek Malzer
Quentin Herve                                                        Thomas Herve
Rayyan Cheema                                                     Mazim Amir Tag Elsir
Yousif Wagdi                                                          Ibrahim Masoud Sobahi
Ali Abushamma                                                      Osman Saddig Mahmoud
Moez Abdu                                                             Daoud Motasim Daoud
Muiez Makkawi                                                       Ahmed Hamid El Dirdiri
Ahmed Usher                                                         Abdulwahab Zubair Abdulwahab
Mina Simon                                                            Abdelmoneim Tarig Abdu
Ahmed Sobahi                                                        Mohamed Ihab Saeed
Nazar Maowia                                                        Ahmed Zaid Bacho
Zein Abdelmutaal                                                   Shihab Osman Malik
Johann-Amos Schilling                                            Hassan Elsadig Elnour
Uzair Nazri                                                              Karim Salah El Nefeidi
Mohamed Abushamma                                           Waseem Hamada


U19 Girls Football squad                                      U14 Girls Football Squad

Meem El Nefeidi                                                       Hiba Abbas
Sophia Nazir                                                            Tala Saeed
Eliza Wildman                                                          Safa Amin
Eleanor Packer                                                        Sarah Nour
Noon El Nefeidi                                                        Hanaa Suliman-Nicol
Eman Osman                                                           Sally El Gaddal
Anna Maria Masoud                                                 Leen Saeed
Tibyan Erwa                                                             Haya Al Taweel
Salma Baghet                                                          Saria Mustafa
                                                                                Hiba Salah Hassan 
                                                                                Nada Motasim Daoud



Students from Year 1 to Year 9 were signed up to the World Maths Day website ( in early February. They then had less than a month to practice before the big event on March 1st.


Students were connected to other students around the world to play 60 second games where they had to add, subtract, multiply and divide mentally asfast as they were able. A lot of students commented positively about how much quicker they became, and many parents enthused about how motivated about Maths their children became. And it was interesting to see where in the world your opponents were from and how quick they were. During the practice month, a total of 112,589 questions were answered correctly by KICS students!

















Over the 2 day period of World Maths Day 2011, KICS had a total of 90 students participating. There were a lot of impressive scores from many students, who must have barely slept, with over 20 people scoring into the thousands. The school high scores across the school were:

1 Y5 Lucas Freund 3171
2 Y6 Yasin Mohamed 2861
3 Y7 Reza Sujatmiko 2822
4 Y7 Rayyan Cheema 2678
5 Y6 Maeva Chappuis 2540
6 Y6 Mikhail Aznan 2210
7 Y6 Muji Tarig 1856
8 Y6 Sofia Nazlee 1803
9 Y2 Mohamed Merwan 1785
10 Y6 Yasmin Ahmed 1702


Next year we hope even more students will enjoy taking part in World Maths Day, as well as World Spelling Day which comes a few days after.




The Junior Fitness Challenge aim was to improving the fitness levels for all of the students in Junior School. This year was the first time the event was run and it was a huge success. The challenge for each Year level was to run the following distances Year 3- 15kms,Year 4- 20kms, Year 5- 25kms and Year 6- 30kms in a six week period. It was the students’ responsibility to run at break times and to also keep an accurate running record of their results in the form of a running log.  41 inspirational students completed the fitness challenge in the juniors with outstanding results from the following students
Albert 4B, Nicolas 5A and Zaki 5A who ran 50 kms.
Daniel 4A and Akram 5A.who ran 75kms
Will 3A and Soren 5A who ran 100kms

We have seen in Physical Education class and have heard from many parents they have noticed the benefits of the increased levels of fitness in their children. Action has also taken place as children are still continuing their running logs outside of school.

Robyn Fox
PYP PE Teacher



This was the best school trip I have ever been on- Eleanor Packer Year 10

A great time was had by all in our party of 24, 19 students and 5 KICS teachers spent a great week in the Swiss Alpine ski resort of Villars. Although we did not have fresh snow until the final day, there was adequate snow on the slopes for the students to either learn or improve their skiing and snowboarding techniques.  After six days of practice we had a ski race in which the students had to complete a ski slalom course. I was very impressed by the way the students had showed such commitment to learn and improved their technique during the week.



The après’ skiing activities were also a highlight for the students, shopping; ice skating, bowling, a disco, a wii fit dance competition, a torch light walk, swimming as well as the traditional boy’s v’s girl’s games evening, which the boys won.

On the final evening we had a small awards ceremony in which the fastest and most improved skiers and snowboarders were recognised in each group.

All the people we meet on the trip from the skiing staff, the buses drivers and even the lady at the check in counter at Geneva airport commented on how well mannered and behaved the KICS students were.

Many thanks go to the older students in the group who acted as great mentors for the younger students. From the ski trip 5 leadership certificates were awarded. These go to the following recipients:

Kirolos Anwar for his positive attitude which inspired others to try new things, for his willingness to take responsibility for others in the group without being asked and for his ability to take on the challenge of learning a new sport (snowboarding) and doing this with such style and flair!

Martin Aseem Matagne for helping to translate French into English and for his ability and to act as positive mentor for the younger students in the group

Eliza Ann Wildman  for her positive outlook at embracing new situations,  acting as a positive mentor for the younger students and  being accepting and inclusive of others.

Eleanor Meredith Packer for acting as a positive mentor for younger students, for her unconditional enthusiasm throughout the trip and her ability to be accepting and inclusive of all people she came across.

Matteu Andrea Motyl for helping to translate French and English for the ski group, for his ability to embrace new experiences and his positive enthusiasm to teach others about his home country.


Ms. Robyn and Mr. John

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