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Sawasdee Krab (Hello),


The year 12’s are back from Thailand and back in school.


We had a great time. Students needed to step out of their comfort zone physically and mentally and faced some of their fears several times. They cooked their own food, plastered, layed bricks, kayaked in a beautiful lake, climbed, caved, zip-lined and enjoyed nature on their jungle hike. They also learned a lot about the Thai culture, Buddhism and the life of a Thai Monk.


A truly amazing experience which they will never forget.


Khob Khun Krab (thank you)



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HIP-HOP Theatre at work!


The Year 8’s had a great time yesterday with the visiting artist, Mr. Evan Hastings. I popped (JNR Hall) by yesterday and was impressed by the collaboration and creative thinking from the students. Please find below some pictures that I took yesterday of the students and Mr. Lawrence. I too got a little creative with my iPhone filters!


Ms. Imogen


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Congratulations Drama students, Mr Lawrence and the Arts departments for their most recent production of a very challenging play. Thornton Wilder’s ‘Our Town’ is both complex in its timeline and enigmatic in its nuances. The pacing was meticulous and deliberate, the dialogue lucid and clear and the soliloquys commendable. It was all very clever from the sparse, eye-catching background to the juxtaposition of happy, nostalgic moments with more poignant moments.


Ms.Angela Dundas




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Today we had the pleasure of Mrs. Nima Albagir, a Sudanese award winning CNN journalist speak to Y10 Business Studies class. She provided students with insight into her journalistic - personal and profession world. Mrs. Nima also shared several unique experiences on how her role as a female within the media industry has affected her both on a personal and professional level as well. Students had the opportunity to ask various questions displaying their understanding, knowledge and analytical skills. Mrs. Nima was also a previous student of our very own Mr. Elias who stated how proud he is of her accomplishments. We look forward to inviting Mrs. Nima again in the future.

Nima1                    Nima2

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On the 14th December our Special Visitor arrived at 8am on a quad bike with his elves and sacks of gifts for the children.

The children were very excited and sang songs to welcome Santa.


IMG 8663


This past Sunday we celebrated student achievement during our annual KICS Cross Country Run at Fenti Golf Course. Fitness is a vital component of the Senior Physical Education curriculum and students in years 7-11 have enjoyed various types of tag, territorial and invasion games to improve their cardiovascular and muscular endurance while learning how to breathe and move efficiently. They endured both heat and fatigue throughout the eight-week unit with admirable commitment and can be very proud of their final performance. Our DP students took part in either the Personal Challenge or Competitive race or fulfilled a mentorship role by running alongside the Primary students to encourage mental and physical perseverance. As this was a house event, the course was a sea of red, blue, yellow and green and we were thrilled to have so many parents join us in support of student success and healthy active living.


                 IMG 8742                  IMG 8775


Many of our students set personal bests and showed tremendous heart, resiliency and determination to overcome physical and mental challenges. Honorable mention goes to the following students for their outstanding performance:

Seniors Personal Challenge 3km Race
1st place – Abdullah Osama Satti; Aya Abualella
2nd place – Abdelwahab Babiker; Sena Ercan
3rd place – Zaki Mamoun; Danni Wu

Seniors Competitive 4km Race:  
1st place – Ahmed Yasir, Rula Ammar
2nd place – Suyog Kafle, Alia Ibrahim
3rd place – Andrew Nashaat & Mohamed Elamin; Lina Gamal


IMG 8137


This year KICS celebrated Book Week much earlier than previous years  from 19-23 November 2017 and was a mix of old and new activities for students. We started each day with Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R) where everyone across the school spent 15 minutes reading anything of their choice.  It has become a tradition in Primary to have the Extreme Reading competition and there were more entries this year than previous years and many of the students used the GreenScreen  app to make very extreme photos.  Congratulations go to Sofia and Charlie for winning the competition.  We continued the tradition of the Guess Who is Reading competition again this year.  The winners of both competitions were given book vouchers so there were some happy readers in Primary that day.

                               IMG 8153                            IMG 8134


In the Seniors we had competitions for  Decorate a Chair and Guess the Book in the Jar but the most visual event was the murder mystery competition where students had to guess who ‘killed’ Mr Lawrence.  Mr Lawrence’s ‘body’ was a crime scene all week on the cafeteria lawn as students wondered who was the murderer.  Clues were placed on KICSlearns for students to discover who the murderer was.  Teachers were warned in advance about the ‘body on the lawn’ so they could deal with  younger students  who were convinced there was a real body on campus!  
Students  across the school had fun during lunchtimes with lots of activities  to celebrate Book Week including guess the flags of different countries – this activity in Primary and Seniors had the libraries packed with students.  
On the final day we celebrated book characters across both sections of the school and students were encouraged to come dressed as a book character. Primary students met on the field and walked to the Senior Section where they walked around the Senior Library and onto the World Map area.   Each class went onto the stage to have a class photo. Over 95% of students dressed up this year so well done students.
A big thanks to all those who helped make Book Week a success this year.

IMG 0273 copy

The Year 11s went to Afra Mall today to do fieldwork for their IGCSE paper 4.  They did traffic surveys, floor plans of 2 floors of the mall, questionnaire and environmental surveys.



On Sunday 15th October the Year 10 Geography students went to Ailafoun farm in Khartoum to create a case study on a large scale commercial farm as part of their food production unit. Aliafoun is the largest dairy farm in Sudan, comprising 500 hectares with 3000 friesian cows.  The students began the day by watching the cutting-edge milking parlour where hundreds of cows can be milked simultaneously and without distress. They then went on to see the sheds where the cows live a life of luxury, which includes shaded areas, regular showers to cool off and massages. As always, some students weren’t too keen on the smell! The next phase was seeing the alfalfa fields, which are irrigated using a centre pivot system, which turns like the second-hand on a clock. This wastes 70% less water than other systems and the alfalfa goes into fodder for the cows. The final stage took the students to the nursery where they saw the pristine rows of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, courgette and sweetcorn. Shrubs, ornamentals and fruit trees are also grown at the farm which all end up at places such as Ozone and KICS cafeteria.



                  L                 K


The Primary Swimathon was a great success. Students from Little KICS to Year 6 did a fantastic job swimming laps to raise money for the Kids for Kids charity. The Swimathon was a culmination activity for the PYP Swimming unit this semester. It was evident that the endurance and techniques exhibited by our students have improved a great deal. The total distance swam was 103 kilometers. A big thank you to the students, teachers, support staff, as well as the parents and sponsors.



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