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Good evening all,
Sadly there was no royalty to report of today,  however we are pleased to say our students contributed a great deal to some exhausting debate and can be pleased with their overall efforts. Both Tobi and Ahmed again starred in the Historical Security Council and were co-subbmitors on a resolution aimed at assisting displaced civilians during the Vietnam conflict. The rest of our delegates begun debate today, following yesterdays lobbying and merging. Highlights included opening speeches from Waleed & Summer,  Ayah working hard to dismantle a working paper she was opposed to, Noon and Yomna taking an extremely aggressive approach to sway their councils and Mazine and Osman delivering fine speeches in favor of working papers. Although we were not able to see everyone holding the floor in council (there are five stories in the World Forum which involves a lot of running) we hope to be able to see all of our other delegates in action tomorrow. After sessions ended, we all ventured into China town to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a different side of this wonderful city. Later this evening we discussed some of the challenges our students are facing given there are over 3,000 students in attendance with the main being the issue of being heard and getting the attention of the secretariat when in council. Given the size of the conference compared to KICSMUN, it is a welcome challenge that we are sure our students will rise to. 
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Good evening everyone,

Today started with an early breakfast followed by Tobi and Ahmed heading off to begin their work in the Historical Security Council. We were fortunate enough to see both of them in action, holding the French delegate to account for the situation in Vietnam. Shortly afterwards, the rest of our delegates joined their respective councils for a morning of informal lobbying and merging. This is an important time as it allows delegates to find their allies, create working papers and push their policies. 
After lunch we prepared for opening ceremony in which Tawfeeg, as ambassador carried the flag of Pakistan. After being treated to Dutch football royalty yesterday, today we were honored  to be in the presence of His Royal Highness, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands who officially opened this years conference in its 50th year. Many of our students were able to get very close to him and take videos and photos – memories they will never forget.
Tomorrow our delegates will commence debate and begin the serious task of solving the global issues they face. They have been again working well, discussing and sharing ideas and focusing on talking like they are correct and listening like they are wrong!
Tot morgen,
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Good evening everyone, Today started with an early breakfast and students then finishing all working papers and opening speeches. We enjoyed a good debate/discussion regarding our approach to this years conference, especially given that we are presenting Pakistan. Having listened/mediated their discussions, I am proud to say both Mrs. Wendy and I believe we have an exceptionally talented group of young adults ready to tackle all of which lies in front of them this week!
After lunch, we boarded a tram, then bus, then train and made our way to Rotterdam for the match between Feyenoord and Den Haag. It was a amazing experience (even for our non football fans). We were seated behind the goal amongst the local supporters and needless to say,by the end of the match, everyone was suddenly able to chant in Dutch and we enjoyed a good game ending 3-1 to Feyenoord. The highlight was seeing Robin Van Persie come off the bench – an amazing footballer who treated the crowd with a lot of respect. (We hope you enjoy the photos attached from the match).
After making our way back to The Hague and enjoying dinner, I’m happy to report all students are back in the hotel, tired but prepared and ready for what awaits them tomorrow morning in their lobbying and merging sessions. 
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Instead of going to the CAPO farm we went to the stables. There is major construction going on at CAPO farm so it would not have been safe to go there.


Despite the small setback we managed to have a great and meaningful experience at the stables. The students had to work together during several challenges, had to figure out how a compass works and learned and discovered many types of handshaking. Ask the students about the lumberjack of fisherman handshake.


Working together at this age is sometimes a challenge and students needed some more directions as desired. Following and really listening to instructions is a point which I had to bring up at several occasions.


Overall it was another successful experience for the students and for the teachers as well. It is always nice to see the students in a different environment and interact with each other outside the school walls.


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Shadow Theatre


Y10 IGCSE drama students telling stories with light, shadows and paper cut-outs. With multiple overhead projectors and shadows cast by live but silent actors, all enhanced by evocative sound effects and music, can generate riveting drama.


Mr. Lawrence Espinosa


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Y9's #kicslearns using Forum Theatre to address gender issues with visiting artist Evan Hastings. The group watching is encouraged to stop the action when they think it necessary, to suggest a different action. At other times, the actors themselves can stop the action, and ask for help. Sometimes someone else can step in and take over a role - or even introduce a new one.




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Sawasdee Krab (Hello),


The year 12’s are back from Thailand and back in school.


We had a great time. Students needed to step out of their comfort zone physically and mentally and faced some of their fears several times. They cooked their own food, plastered, layed bricks, kayaked in a beautiful lake, climbed, caved, zip-lined and enjoyed nature on their jungle hike. They also learned a lot about the Thai culture, Buddhism and the life of a Thai Monk.


A truly amazing experience which they will never forget.


Khob Khun Krab (thank you)



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HIP-HOP Theatre at work!


The Year 8’s had a great time yesterday with the visiting artist, Mr. Evan Hastings. I popped (JNR Hall) by yesterday and was impressed by the collaboration and creative thinking from the students. Please find below some pictures that I took yesterday of the students and Mr. Lawrence. I too got a little creative with my iPhone filters!


Ms. Imogen


        Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.32.37 AM                                  Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.32.45 AM



                                                                    Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.32.52 AM



Congratulations Drama students, Mr Lawrence and the Arts departments for their most recent production of a very challenging play. Thornton Wilder’s ‘Our Town’ is both complex in its timeline and enigmatic in its nuances. The pacing was meticulous and deliberate, the dialogue lucid and clear and the soliloquys commendable. It was all very clever from the sparse, eye-catching background to the juxtaposition of happy, nostalgic moments with more poignant moments.


Ms.Angela Dundas




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Today we had the pleasure of Mrs. Nima Albagir, a Sudanese award winning CNN journalist speak to Y10 Business Studies class. She provided students with insight into her journalistic - personal and profession world. Mrs. Nima also shared several unique experiences on how her role as a female within the media industry has affected her both on a personal and professional level as well. Students had the opportunity to ask various questions displaying their understanding, knowledge and analytical skills. Mrs. Nima was also a previous student of our very own Mr. Elias who stated how proud he is of her accomplishments. We look forward to inviting Mrs. Nima again in the future.

Nima1                    Nima2

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