The Nile River Music Festival has conquered all of the regions of the Nile River. The Silver KICS Band has performed three international band tours in its eleven-year history. The first was to the Nile’s delta region in Cairo, Egypt in 2012 with four concerts. The second was to the head waters of the Blue Nile in Addis Abba, Ethiopia in 2015 with three more concerts. The confluence of the two Niles in Khartoum, Sudan has been conquered with numerous concerts at various embassies, at school and of course, Ozone Café over the years.


The final region to be conquered was at the head waters of the White Nile in Kampala, Uganda this past March 21-25, 2018 with another four concerts. The first concert was at the Kitante Primary School on Thursday, March 22nd. This is an Ugandan public school with approximately 4,000 students, faculty members and guests in attendance of this concert. This massive audience never did quite settle down, so the band played all of its louder pieces like El Capitan March, Encanto, Chicago and Oye Como Va.


The next day, two more concerts were scheduled. The first was at the Ambrosoli International School in a delightful park-like location. With a smaller audience of about 400, this audience was able to listen very intently to all of the band’s pieces including the quieter ones like Nimrod and the Firebird Suite’s Finale. The second concert on Thursday, March 23 was at Kampala International School-Uganda. Performing in their full-sized auditorium complete with stage, platforms and stage lights, the band made a solid impact on the 400 plus audience members. Their enthusiastic standing ovations were very much appreciated and the band thanked them in return by playing September and the Concerto for Drum Set as encores numbers. One teacher came to meet us afterwards and relayed his memory of hearing the band when it performed in Cairo. He was very pleased to hear how much the band has improved since 2012. KISU was also very eager to form a band like the Silver KICS Band.


The final concert was for the Kampala Music School. This local organization provides weekly lessons to a large number of music students and has produced a number of high profile concerts of their own. The band was pleased to provide further inspiration and motivation to these young musicians as they continue to pursue excellence on their own instruments. The main reason for the Silver KICS Band to perform all of these concerts over the years is to help spread the joy and love of music making to other countries in Northeast Africa as well as to encourage our own band members to give of themselves to others as well as pursue musical excellence.



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