It’s that time again, the time where KICS glows in fairy lights, excited children, bonded families and friends, delicious food, mesmerizing music, exciting games and never ending smiles. The KICS Street Fayre returns again, bringing in a rough estimate of 1500 people through KICS’ gates.


Essentially the Street Fayre became a KICS tradition for the way it unites everyone, it’s a day where we celebrate all the different cultures in our community, we exchange our love and flavors, we introduce Sudan to our foreign friends through our jewelers, artists, weavers, food and music, and they introduce their own to us. The stalls from countries all around the world are filled with traditional foods, attires and objects that give us a small and refreshing taste of different cultures. The street Fayre is more than just an event, it’s a night where everyone appreciates the other, a chance for our children to understand the value of ethnicity, the value of international understanding, understanding the beauty of cultures and embracing it with their friends and families, all marked in the countless smiles and joyously filled face.


And so, needless to say, this year’s Street Fayre was an absolute success and joy, thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to all those that worked tirelessly to make this magical night no less than perfect. See you again next year!



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