Visiting CIS consultant, Susie March spent 3 days with the members of the KICS community last week. She met at length with the Child Protection Team on her first day before delivering two excellent presentations to parents on the 7th. Both presentations referred to the value of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum as a prerequisite in guiding our young to face potential life skill challenges that include moral, ethical choices and decisions. Her underlying theme was how the digital world shapes our communication, social interactions and behaviours and how the adults need to catch up with its pace and the threats posed.


She led classes with students in Years 6/8/9/11/12/13 on various topics ranging from proactive safeguarding to sexual violence; all at appropriate developmental levels. The sessions were interactive and students were engaged and learning in a fun way. Students learned how to set personal boundaries and deal effectively with unwanted situations. Others were given a clear understanding of the semantics of CSE; most took away something in the way of knowledge, skills, values or attitudes needed to make informed choices about and for themselves.


On the PD day, Susie led a thought-provoking exercise with all staff on the Code of Conduct followed by a sobering session with Secondary staff on highly sensitive topics that can impact our young adults as they maneuver through the social highway of adolescence.


Finally, Susie was able to share some insights into developing a solid CSE curriculum for KICS, advising on how we need to tailor it specifically to meet the unique blend of needs of our students and keep it culturally embedded for our special community.


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