Day 1: The Hike and the tent
We left school at 9:30 and everybody was excited to finally go on ODE. They did not look forward to the 10km hike, which was actually only 3.4km. Despite the complaining and the "suffering” they all made it.
After a nice little lunch, the tents went up pretty quickly. Of course the girls won and their tents were up before the boys stopped yelling a each other. Once they realized that screaming and yelling is not the way to work together, they also managed to put up their tents.
The kids enjoyed their down time and played some volleyball, read, talked and relaxed at the river side. At around 5 they started to prepare their meals. The students have improved in their cooking as I could not spot any instant noodles! I saw French fries, buttered chicken, delicious beef, boiled potato and some more tasty stuff. Well done Year 10!
It came to my attention that many students had brought their phones with them even though they knew this was not allowed. I took all the phones during our  reflection in the evening and talked about the reasons why we do not allow them on all of the ODE trips.
Ten o’clock was lights out. It did turn quiet pretty quickly but after a while noise started to come out of different tents and at 1:15 some students were still a wake. I am sure they will feel sleepy today.
Day 2: The morning
Most students are awake very early. Some slept really well while others struggled a bit and heard all kind of noises in and around their tent. Accompanying staff and I slept pretty well. 
Breakfast was consisted of pancakes, corn flakes, bread with Nutella, even noodles passed by. 
The whole morning the students were busy with group challenges and untangle the “Human knot”. Fishing was a big success as well but unfortunately the fish would not bite. Only a few students managed to catch some small fish, none of them was big enough to put on the BBQ.
In their free time students had mud fights, flipped kayaks( while being pirates and others build a big sand castle, in mu eyes it was just a pile of sand (chuckle).
This time dinner was prepared by the accompanying staff. Burgers, hotdogs and watermelon were on the menu. Students really enjoyed it and it became a very pleasant evening with long jump competitions, fire dances, and enjoying the camp fire and the million stars, which you miss if you never leave Khartoum. 
The night fell fast and by 11pm all the students were in a deep sleep.
Day 3: Packing up
The next morning was packing up the tents and clearing up the campsite. A quick 45m walk to the bus and our trip to Escape had come to an end.
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