Good morning all,


Yesterday was an extremely important day for all of our delegates. Both Ahmed and Nada in their Human Rights Commissions worked well and although at times they were frustrated how the debates progressed – they can both be proud of their efforts. Tobi and Ahmed continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the Historical Security Council. They work well as a team and are very well prepared, allowing them to dictate policy and be key figures in the resolutions that have passed. Yomna has continued to work well in GA5 (possibly the most tedious council – finance and budgeting). Yomna is a silent assassin who waits for her moment and then speaks very well and asks detailed and often difficult questions of those around her. Maznie and Barsoum both held the floor in the Environmental Commission and can be pleased with how they spoke and handled the questions they received. Osman continued to be a key figure in the resolutions that have passed in Special Conference 1 and has enjoyed many opportunities to speak both for and against clauses. Amel has grown in confidence and it was pleasing yesterday to see her speaking and having amendments passed. Yesterdays was definitely Tawfeegs day! After being frustrated due to the size of his council (GA3 – the biggest), he was finally able to speak for his resolution and under heavy fire from other delegates (especially India) he held himself with poise and confidence – even receiving a round of applause. During the lunch break, HRH Princess Mabel also gave a speech regarding the treatment of women around the world – it was very educational and focused on not only third world countries but many Western societies also also. Last night we all headed into town for some late night shopping and judging by the amount of bags that came back to the hotel, all parents should be receiving some lovely gifts!


This morning our delegates are in their final sessions of debate, followed by this afternoons closing ceremony. Oncer this is finished, its onto the bus back to Amsterdam airport and on the way home via Dubai.


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