Good evening all,
Sadly there was no royalty to report of today,  however we are pleased to say our students contributed a great deal to some exhausting debate and can be pleased with their overall efforts. Both Tobi and Ahmed again starred in the Historical Security Council and were co-subbmitors on a resolution aimed at assisting displaced civilians during the Vietnam conflict. The rest of our delegates begun debate today, following yesterdays lobbying and merging. Highlights included opening speeches from Waleed & Summer,  Ayah working hard to dismantle a working paper she was opposed to, Noon and Yomna taking an extremely aggressive approach to sway their councils and Mazine and Osman delivering fine speeches in favor of working papers. Although we were not able to see everyone holding the floor in council (there are five stories in the World Forum which involves a lot of running) we hope to be able to see all of our other delegates in action tomorrow. After sessions ended, we all ventured into China town to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a different side of this wonderful city. Later this evening we discussed some of the challenges our students are facing given there are over 3,000 students in attendance with the main being the issue of being heard and getting the attention of the secretariat when in council. Given the size of the conference compared to KICSMUN, it is a welcome challenge that we are sure our students will rise to. 
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