Good evening everyone,

Today started with an early breakfast followed by Tobi and Ahmed heading off to begin their work in the Historical Security Council. We were fortunate enough to see both of them in action, holding the French delegate to account for the situation in Vietnam. Shortly afterwards, the rest of our delegates joined their respective councils for a morning of informal lobbying and merging. This is an important time as it allows delegates to find their allies, create working papers and push their policies. 
After lunch we prepared for opening ceremony in which Tawfeeg, as ambassador carried the flag of Pakistan. After being treated to Dutch football royalty yesterday, today we were honored  to be in the presence of His Royal Highness, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands who officially opened this years conference in its 50th year. Many of our students were able to get very close to him and take videos and photos – memories they will never forget.
Tomorrow our delegates will commence debate and begin the serious task of solving the global issues they face. They have been again working well, discussing and sharing ideas and focusing on talking like they are correct and listening like they are wrong!
Tot morgen,
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