Good evening everyone, Today started with an early breakfast and students then finishing all working papers and opening speeches. We enjoyed a good debate/discussion regarding our approach to this years conference, especially given that we are presenting Pakistan. Having listened/mediated their discussions, I am proud to say both Mrs. Wendy and I believe we have an exceptionally talented group of young adults ready to tackle all of which lies in front of them this week!
After lunch, we boarded a tram, then bus, then train and made our way to Rotterdam for the match between Feyenoord and Den Haag. It was a amazing experience (even for our non football fans). We were seated behind the goal amongst the local supporters and needless to say,by the end of the match, everyone was suddenly able to chant in Dutch and we enjoyed a good game ending 3-1 to Feyenoord. The highlight was seeing Robin Van Persie come off the bench – an amazing footballer who treated the crowd with a lot of respect. (We hope you enjoy the photos attached from the match).
After making our way back to The Hague and enjoying dinner, I’m happy to report all students are back in the hotel, tired but prepared and ready for what awaits them tomorrow morning in their lobbying and merging sessions. 
                                      IMG 3997