On Sunday 15th October the Year 10 Geography students went to Ailafoun farm in Khartoum to create a case study on a large scale commercial farm as part of their food production unit. Aliafoun is the largest dairy farm in Sudan, comprising 500 hectares with 3000 friesian cows.  The students began the day by watching the cutting-edge milking parlour where hundreds of cows can be milked simultaneously and without distress. They then went on to see the sheds where the cows live a life of luxury, which includes shaded areas, regular showers to cool off and massages. As always, some students weren’t too keen on the smell! The next phase was seeing the alfalfa fields, which are irrigated using a centre pivot system, which turns like the second-hand on a clock. This wastes 70% less water than other systems and the alfalfa goes into fodder for the cows. The final stage took the students to the nursery where they saw the pristine rows of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, courgette and sweetcorn. Shrubs, ornamentals and fruit trees are also grown at the farm which all end up at places such as Ozone and KICS cafeteria.