We have just finished another successful week with the visiting author for  this year, Nikki Sheehan.  Teachers and library staff worked hard to make sure the students knew who Nikki was before she arrived and it has been wonderful to see students  recognize her and say hello as she walked around school.
Nikki  was busy with classes and  activities in the Senior section but also  taught the Year 6 students in Primary .  In some classes,  students had fun imagining what it would be like to change into another animal – students found out that turning into a porcupine is quite painful!  Some Senior students who had read Nikki’s books had the opportunity to join her for lunch and discuss her books and ask the author some interesting questions. In the Infant section students had to use their imagination as they were read a story about a naughty invisible cat.  Nikki made the story all the more exciting by stroking the invisible cat as she read the story.
Many parents attended the workshop “How to help your child write creatively” and were very enthusiastic about  what they learnt at the workshop.  Nikki explained the  baseline of every story  is a character and what they want to do and the job of the writer is to make it as difficult as possible for the character to achieve  their goal.  Parents had fun creating obstacles for a character  who really wanted a coconut.     Teachers didn’t miss out as they had the opportunity to learn from her ways to support students investment in writing and reading.   Nikki finished her week at KICS with an assembly.  Senior students had fun voting on which combination of words they liked and together they created a poem as a whole group.
We recently learned that a previous visiting author Nicky Singer was inspired by her visit to Sudan and  has recently written a book where part of the setting is in Sudan,   perhaps Nikki Sheehan might get inspired to write about Sudan as well!