2107 Swim squad1

This April we took 29 KICS swimmers to the annual MEUC Swim Meet in Dubai.  Last year there were 521 swimmers in total and this year a massive 804 participated in this event, representing 33 different schools!

It was easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of competitors and the size of the swimming arena, but our KICS Rhinos showed a lot of determination and fighting spirit.  After 7 months of preparation, they were ready to give it their all!

Our swimmers were also the talk of the town with their outfits; each swimmer wore a Rhino onesie when they were in the arena and on the pool deck.  Everyone wanted to know where we were from!  And once again our swimmers were incredible ambassadors for KICS and Sudan, inside and outside of the pool.  The way they represent our school and country makes us extremely proud and it also makes other people take notice of the fact that there is a proper international school in Sudan.
Thank you to all the parents who have been supporting the team over the season and for those who also supported us in Dubai.

A huge thanks have to go out to Mrs Simona, Mr Zach and Mrs Stephanie who spent the last 7 months training this squad and helping them improve as swimmers.
Congratulations to all!