Every year KICS holds a week where we celebrate Sudan with activities. The purpose is to strengthen school community's appreciation of local culture through a celebration of Sudanese history, society, music and art. It included events like Community lectures, art shows, music and food. This year’s Celebrate Sudan week has been absolutely fantastic. We have had distinguished speaker Dr. Atta El-Battahani visit us, giving a wonderful community lecture about the Future of Sudan and its readiness for a change. We have had singers from different parts of Sudan, a daily traditional Local market, a wonderful Tayeb Salih Awards evening, and a very enjoyable Sudanese shared fatour wearing national dress, where we all came together as a community. Students have enjoyed drinking tea and coffee from the Sudanese tea ladies as well as purchasing local jewellery, woven baskets and wares from the craft stalls. The week finished with fabulous school wide Arabic evening of “Yalla Sudan” where all Primary and Senior students sang and danced with songs and choreography from different parts of Sudan.