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Like every year, the Street Fayre was a bright addition to the week, and approximately 1500 people flooded the KICS grounds to attend. Fairy lights, arts, culture, games, and food all combined to produce an evening enjoyed by all. What makes the Street Fayre so memorable is not just the fact that the school seems to come alive with laughter and fun, but what it symbolizes for the community.  

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Over the years, the Street Fayre has become a symbol of cultural unity and understanding. One on hand, it showcases in an accessible manner the beauty that Sudan has to offer. For Sudanese artists, jewelers, clothes-makers, weavers, and musicians alike, the night is about displaying work unique to Sudanese culture. It is their chance to share Sudan with those who are perhaps normally isolated from experiencing what that really means. On the other hand, it likewise brings foreign cultures to Sudanese society. Food stalls from countries all around the world is one highlight of the simple joys behind living within an international community. It demonstrates the ease with which we can transcend borders and ethnic differences. For a night, the Street Fayre brings the entire world under one roof.


This is important. It shows the children who attend, first and foremost, that international understanding is attainable and feasible. It provides an example for what a thriving community looks like. One you can both learn in and have fun in. This is rewarding for parents too. There is a comfort and pride in being a member of a community that cares not only about how your child excels as a student, but for the wellbeing of your entire family.


Like every year, the Street Fayre was four hours of buying and selling beautiful Sudanese products, eating, playing, and socializing. And thus, like every year, the Street Fayre was a success. We thank everyone who attended. The money raised will go to Nile Swimmers and the Women’s Education partnership so we also thank your valuable contributions. Hope to see you next year!