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This year was our 10th visit to THIMUN. 18 students represented Estonia in the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Commission, Special Committee, Disarmament Commission. Four members also held special positions as The United States of America in the Advisory Panel and on the MUNITY Press Team. 


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Our students were highly professional and passionate in their quest to pass clauses, amendments and experienced success in passing a resolution in GA1.  Our press students excelled in their roles and our delegation as a whole was commended for admirable leadership, knowledge and positive representation of international mindedness. 


Students at KICS are incredibly fortunate to take part in such a valuable programme. The skills practiced at THIMUN are vital to student growth as they prepare for post-secondary education. Public speaking, thoughtful and meaningful debate, effective research and writing, communication and collaborative work while exploring current and controversial topics with an open mind nurtures confidence in our students to make a difference as learners today and leaders tomorrow.


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