‘Communities need a variety of systems to ensure human and environmental survival.’

That’s how it started, with a concept!




The exhibition gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in the PYP and to take action as a result of their learning. The focus every year is to ensure that the ‘action’ component is sustainable and meaningful. The students were also encouraged to make strong links with our community.


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The students have put in the hours at school, after school, at home and at the weekend.
They have:
•    Planned field trips to Alafoun farm, Al Assad recycling factory, WFP, EU.
•    Researched their topics, wrote reports of 1000 words
•    Learned how to cite sources
•    Surveyed to collect data
•    Reflected on their learning
•    Created brochures and ads to promote their action plan


A big thank you to all teachers who supported the students throughout this process, the parents for putting in the hours at home, coming into school as well as arranging field trips and guest speakers for the students. Without your help, enthusiasm and belief in the project that they were doing, it would not have been as successful and rewarding as it has been.
Congratulations to the all of the students for their commitment, enthusiasm and support of each other during this roller Coaster ride known as Exhibition.  As a result of this sustained focus and dedication, the students in their groups were able to achieve projects based on:
Global warming and desertification in particular
Water conservation
Pollution and recycling
Health, Famine, Diabetes, diseases, obesity  
Gender inequality within health and education working with KICS project She Learns
Recycling in Sudan (plastic bottles)
Issues concerning the growing of crops in Sudan
Renewable energy: hydroelectric, solar power and

Well done to the students for demonstrating a good understanding of their projects and being knowledgeable about their subject content.   
When looking around the room at this impressive display of action, one has to be impressed by the collaborative powers that a group of 11-12 year olds possess!