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Our biggest cohort yet has graduated from KICS! Twenty-nine students received their diplomas on the enchanted evening of Friday, 22 April 2016. This is our biggest class of students to graduate with a KICS Diploma and sit for the prestigious IB Diploma exams. The group is a mix of students that have known KICS from its inception while others joined more recently to form this diverse and multi-talented group of young adults.  The KICS IB Diploma Programme is unique not only because we are the only school to offer the distinctive international qualification in Sudan, but because we pride ourselves in giving our students unique skills and values as part of their education. Our students are not only academically competitive, but they are also resilient, open-mined, ambitious, and caring. This group of students pulled each other through the thick and thin of the past two years to bring the cohort together, ready to face the challenge of the Final Exams and the Next Step.  


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We have students aspiring to continue their higher education in Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada. We have a first time offer from Cambridge, UK; Cornell, USA; and a full scholarship from University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. Our students are stepping into a world of adulthood where they will face the trials and tribulations of a sometimes scary, yet hopeful world. We are proud of our students, and we have been privileged to walk the path with them on this journey. We can only look at them with tears of pride in our eyes as they continue to walk their journey from KICS.


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The night was a magical event with the KICS Cafeteria transformed into a luminous array of blue, green and yellow. After the formal ceremony we presented Qiyu Yang (James) with the prestigious honour of Class Valedictorian. In his proud speech, he said the IB Diploma did not beat them! They beat the Diploma as a group together. The evening ended with the Student Vote of Thanks by Nada Daoud and Ismail Ismail, where they graciously thanked everyone that makes KICS the inclusive and academically challenging community that it is. MusicIt was truly a wonderful way to end the evening.