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The Year 3 IB Art Show contained work by Hui Wan, Leen, Katie and Saria. Everybody who saw the show mentioned how totally individual was the work by each student.

Hui Wan concentrated on landscapes and seascapes having travelled to several nations such as Thailand, Mauritius, Turkey, China, the UK and Kenya. She has been inspired by traditional Chinese  artists as well as French Impressionists, having studied original works in London, Edinburgh and Beijing. She has tried to achieve pleasing effects of light and colour, combining the structural elements of Cezanne with the light and colour of the Impressionists.


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Katie has focused on the human form and face and investigated the psyches of people she knows.  Her work has involved many techniques and processes such as pen and ink, photography, video, audio, collage, acrylic paint, and tonal pencil, and has been produced in a detailed manner. Her main inspirations have been Basquiat, Arbus and Musa. She met and interviewed Hassan Musa and saw many original works in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao last year.


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Leen has concentrated on the people and customs of Sudan and has been very experimental and ambitious with a huge panorama based on and evoking the market at Bahri, a vast painting containing 70 small circular paintings, various photographs of local places and people, and paintings and 3D work of local people and figures. Her work certainly caught the public’s imagination. Influences on her work included Rashid Diab whom she interviewed twice, Amir Nour whom she interviewed once and Frida Kahlo.


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Saria has concentrated on faces and has explored strong colour ranges through the media of chalk pastel,paint often mixed with flour, sand etc. and marker pens. Her main influences have been Stephen Bennett (an American portrait artist who uses liberated colour), and Pop Art. She has also worked with Mutaz Mohamed who is a local artist.