The Festival of One-Acts has become one of the most popular events for students at KICS. This is an annual theatre festival directed, acted and produced by senior students in partnership with KICS Fine Arts Department. As part of the festival, students will quickly become participants in the production process. They will attempt to produce work that is suitable, well-prepared and enjoyable for the audience.




                  ONE2                     ONE4




Students created their own plays or adapted existing ones. A lot of rehearsal time, collaboration, and planning occurred to mount this project. This event is not only a venue to showcase their acting and writing talents but also to promote drama and theatre inside and outside the KICS community; it enables students to interact with other students in a safe environment; it also emphasizes collaboration, life in theatre during rehearsals, discussions, performances and responses. It also exposes students to the many facets of theatre outside the confines of the classroom. Lastly, this event is an academic support for students to further develop their craft as theatre artists.