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On Thursday, February 25th, the KICS Sports Field was host to over 250 students from KICS, Nile Valley, Unity and KAS. It was an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation as students competed in our annual Senior Athletics Day. Events included Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, Long Jump and High Jump alongside various relays and races. Senior teachers and staff added enthusiasm and encouragement to each event as students lined up to run, throw and jump. Many students worked hard to overcome physical and mental challenges leading up to Athletics Day and it was inspiring to see their passion and commitment throughout the event. It was a memorable day with so many members of the community coming together in the spirit of healthy active living and student achievement!


Honorable mention goes to the following students for finishing first in their respective age group and event:


Event: 100M
Alia Ibrahim, Qais Masri, Gift Akinloye, Ahmed Sobahi.

                 100m - Dana Y8                   IMG 0901             


Shot Put:
Sindhu Katta, Qais Masri, Gift Akinloye, Nawash Masri.

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Dana Abualella, David Cooper, Mona El Nefeidi, Nawash Masri.



Amina El Nour, Tamir Fouad.



Long Jump:
Alia Ibrahim, Qais Masri, May El Robi, Ahmed Sobahi.

Long Jump - Asir Y13


High Jump:
Alia Ibrahim, Mazin Fouad, Sijoud El Sheikh, Ziad Malik & Yousif Mirghani.

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