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Thursday the 22nd of February 2018 was a special night as primary students from year 3 to 6 performed in the annual Primary Arabic Evening. It was an opportunity to share the work that they have been doing during Arabic lessons and celebrate the Arabic culture.


Since the dates 23rd to 25th of February every year are recognised as "The International Day of Ibn Batouta", the theme for this year was Ibn Batouta "The Prince of Travel".


The students' performances were varied and well executed. Each year level performed something from the places Ibn Batouta visited. All in all the night was a big success. Parents as well as students enjoyed themselves.



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On the evening of the 13thof February, 2018, the KICS community gathered to celebrate the winners of the Annual Tayeb Salih Creative Expression contest. From over 150 entries, 42 student narratives and works of art were selected for awards. After listening to our esteemed judges—Griselda Eltayeb, Dr. Aisha Moosa and Ustaza Zainab Bilail—and handing out the awards, students, parents and teachers enjoyed traditional Sudanese music and food on the lawn.  The complete list of winners is below:




Year 3

Third: Naila Cavalcante

Second: Neha Ahmed

First: Arwa Yasser Marzouk Elsokkary


Year 4

Commended:  Tamim Mahgoub

Third: Rei Serizawa

Second: Yuanxin Guo (Cindy)

First: Sophie Tillmann


Year 5

Commended: Mariam Rifaat Makkawi

Third: Adam Smit

Second: Duaa Ihab Hassan

First: Nour El Din Ziad


Year 6

Commended: Layan Saleh Al-Qadri

Third: Charles Fisher

Second: Valdemar Alstrom

First: Malka Kumar


Art - Secondary

Nasereldin Babiker
Mohamed Ibrahim
Khalid Ahmed Mohamed Elhag


Third: EmmaXinyu Xiong(Drawing & Painting)

Second: Thor Espinosa (Photography)

First: Suyog Kafle (Photography)


Arabic - Secondary

Years 7-9

Third: Joud Akrat  

Second: Tarig Salah

First: Elsir Osama


Years 10-11


Fatima Yasir

Abdullah Osama

Yusr Sid-Ahmed

Third: Dana Abu Alella

Second: Marwan Malak

First: Yousif Osama  


Years 12-13

Third: Fatima Mohammed     

Second: Ahmed Yasir

First: Osman Hussein   



English - Secondary

Y7 Poetry Commendations

   Sena Ercan

   Imani Kavosa Kegode

   Amin Ahmed Abdellatif 

   Eman Tarig El Nefeidi 

   Tamir Hisham Saeed Mohamed

   Aya Khalid El Sheikk


Years 7-9

Third: Aya Hisham Abualella

Second: Sai Venkumahanthi

First: Tarek Moumane


Years 10-13

Third: Suyog Kafle

Second: Mariam Mahmoud Mubarak Mirghan1

First: Rula Ammar Aljumaili



It’s that time again, the time where KICS glows in fairy lights, excited children, bonded families and friends, delicious food, mesmerizing music, exciting games and never ending smiles. The KICS Street Fayre returns again, bringing in a rough estimate of 1500 people through KICS’ gates.


Essentially the Street Fayre became a KICS tradition for the way it unites everyone, it’s a day where we celebrate all the different cultures in our community, we exchange our love and flavors, we introduce Sudan to our foreign friends through our jewelers, artists, weavers, food and music, and they introduce their own to us. The stalls from countries all around the world are filled with traditional foods, attires and objects that give us a small and refreshing taste of different cultures. The street Fayre is more than just an event, it’s a night where everyone appreciates the other, a chance for our children to understand the value of ethnicity, the value of international understanding, understanding the beauty of cultures and embracing it with their friends and families, all marked in the countless smiles and joyously filled face.


And so, needless to say, this year’s Street Fayre was an absolute success and joy, thank you to everyone that attended and thank you to all those that worked tirelessly to make this magical night no less than perfect. See you again next year!



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Visiting CIS consultant, Susie March spent 3 days with the members of the KICS community last week. She met at length with the Child Protection Team on her first day before delivering two excellent presentations to parents on the 7th. Both presentations referred to the value of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum as a prerequisite in guiding our young to face potential life skill challenges that include moral, ethical choices and decisions. Her underlying theme was how the digital world shapes our communication, social interactions and behaviours and how the adults need to catch up with its pace and the threats posed.


She led classes with students in Years 6/8/9/11/12/13 on various topics ranging from proactive safeguarding to sexual violence; all at appropriate developmental levels. The sessions were interactive and students were engaged and learning in a fun way. Students learned how to set personal boundaries and deal effectively with unwanted situations. Others were given a clear understanding of the semantics of CSE; most took away something in the way of knowledge, skills, values or attitudes needed to make informed choices about and for themselves.


On the PD day, Susie led a thought-provoking exercise with all staff on the Code of Conduct followed by a sobering session with Secondary staff on highly sensitive topics that can impact our young adults as they maneuver through the social highway of adolescence.


Finally, Susie was able to share some insights into developing a solid CSE curriculum for KICS, advising on how we need to tailor it specifically to meet the unique blend of needs of our students and keep it culturally embedded for our special community.


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Day 1: The Hike and the tent
We left school at 9:30 and everybody was excited to finally go on ODE. They did not look forward to the 10km hike, which was actually only 3.4km. Despite the complaining and the "suffering” they all made it.
After a nice little lunch, the tents went up pretty quickly. Of course the girls won and their tents were up before the boys stopped yelling a each other. Once they realized that screaming and yelling is not the way to work together, they also managed to put up their tents.
The kids enjoyed their down time and played some volleyball, read, talked and relaxed at the river side. At around 5 they started to prepare their meals. The students have improved in their cooking as I could not spot any instant noodles! I saw French fries, buttered chicken, delicious beef, boiled potato and some more tasty stuff. Well done Year 10!
It came to my attention that many students had brought their phones with them even though they knew this was not allowed. I took all the phones during our  reflection in the evening and talked about the reasons why we do not allow them on all of the ODE trips.
Ten o’clock was lights out. It did turn quiet pretty quickly but after a while noise started to come out of different tents and at 1:15 some students were still a wake. I am sure they will feel sleepy today.
Day 2: The morning
Most students are awake very early. Some slept really well while others struggled a bit and heard all kind of noises in and around their tent. Accompanying staff and I slept pretty well. 
Breakfast was consisted of pancakes, corn flakes, bread with Nutella, even noodles passed by. 
The whole morning the students were busy with group challenges and untangle the “Human knot”. Fishing was a big success as well but unfortunately the fish would not bite. Only a few students managed to catch some small fish, none of them was big enough to put on the BBQ.
In their free time students had mud fights, flipped kayaks( while being pirates and others build a big sand castle, in mu eyes it was just a pile of sand (chuckle).
This time dinner was prepared by the accompanying staff. Burgers, hotdogs and watermelon were on the menu. Students really enjoyed it and it became a very pleasant evening with long jump competitions, fire dances, and enjoying the camp fire and the million stars, which you miss if you never leave Khartoum. 
The night fell fast and by 11pm all the students were in a deep sleep.
Day 3: Packing up
The next morning was packing up the tents and clearing up the campsite. A quick 45m walk to the bus and our trip to Escape had come to an end.
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 IMG 4263  IMG 4253


Good morning all,


Yesterday was an extremely important day for all of our delegates. Both Ahmed and Nada in their Human Rights Commissions worked well and although at times they were frustrated how the debates progressed – they can both be proud of their efforts. Tobi and Ahmed continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the Historical Security Council. They work well as a team and are very well prepared, allowing them to dictate policy and be key figures in the resolutions that have passed. Yomna has continued to work well in GA5 (possibly the most tedious council – finance and budgeting). Yomna is a silent assassin who waits for her moment and then speaks very well and asks detailed and often difficult questions of those around her. Maznie and Barsoum both held the floor in the Environmental Commission and can be pleased with how they spoke and handled the questions they received. Osman continued to be a key figure in the resolutions that have passed in Special Conference 1 and has enjoyed many opportunities to speak both for and against clauses. Amel has grown in confidence and it was pleasing yesterday to see her speaking and having amendments passed. Yesterdays was definitely Tawfeegs day! After being frustrated due to the size of his council (GA3 – the biggest), he was finally able to speak for his resolution and under heavy fire from other delegates (especially India) he held himself with poise and confidence – even receiving a round of applause. During the lunch break, HRH Princess Mabel also gave a speech regarding the treatment of women around the world – it was very educational and focused on not only third world countries but many Western societies also also. Last night we all headed into town for some late night shopping and judging by the amount of bags that came back to the hotel, all parents should be receiving some lovely gifts!


This morning our delegates are in their final sessions of debate, followed by this afternoons closing ceremony. Oncer this is finished, its onto the bus back to Amsterdam airport and on the way home via Dubai.


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Good evening from a cold, wet & windy Hague,
This morning our delegates were again in the thick of some heated and at times controversial debate. Zaki managed to persuade his council to vote against a resolution, Yomna totally discredited another delegate, taking him to point over a lack of knowledge and understanding of his topic, and Barsoum, Waleed, Summer, Nora, Ayah, Amel and Nada were all able to take the floor and defend clauses they had tabled as co-submittors in working papers. It is impressive to see our students stand strong and effectively communicate their thoughts and opinions, especially when put on the spot. Wednesday councils are always shortened to a half day, allowing schools to travel Amsterdam for the sightseeing however, unfortunately the weather is very unfavorable so we have decided to give the students some quiet time to finish off school work (teachers - there will benoexcuses when students get back). This evening we went to an indoor activities center where our students played Laser Tag and attempted go carting.Manyof our students need driving lessons – no need to say anymore.
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Good evening all,
Sadly there was no royalty to report of today,  however we are pleased to say our students contributed a great deal to some exhausting debate and can be pleased with their overall efforts. Both Tobi and Ahmed again starred in the Historical Security Council and were co-subbmitors on a resolution aimed at assisting displaced civilians during the Vietnam conflict. The rest of our delegates begun debate today, following yesterdays lobbying and merging. Highlights included opening speeches from Waleed & Summer,  Ayah working hard to dismantle a working paper she was opposed to, Noon and Yomna taking an extremely aggressive approach to sway their councils and Mazine and Osman delivering fine speeches in favor of working papers. Although we were not able to see everyone holding the floor in council (there are five stories in the World Forum which involves a lot of running) we hope to be able to see all of our other delegates in action tomorrow. After sessions ended, we all ventured into China town to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a different side of this wonderful city. Later this evening we discussed some of the challenges our students are facing given there are over 3,000 students in attendance with the main being the issue of being heard and getting the attention of the secretariat when in council. Given the size of the conference compared to KICSMUN, it is a welcome challenge that we are sure our students will rise to. 
                   Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.31.01 PM            Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.31.13 PM
Good evening everyone,

Today started with an early breakfast followed by Tobi and Ahmed heading off to begin their work in the Historical Security Council. We were fortunate enough to see both of them in action, holding the French delegate to account for the situation in Vietnam. Shortly afterwards, the rest of our delegates joined their respective councils for a morning of informal lobbying and merging. This is an important time as it allows delegates to find their allies, create working papers and push their policies. 
After lunch we prepared for opening ceremony in which Tawfeeg, as ambassador carried the flag of Pakistan. After being treated to Dutch football royalty yesterday, today we were honored  to be in the presence of His Royal Highness, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands who officially opened this years conference in its 50th year. Many of our students were able to get very close to him and take videos and photos – memories they will never forget.
Tomorrow our delegates will commence debate and begin the serious task of solving the global issues they face. They have been again working well, discussing and sharing ideas and focusing on talking like they are correct and listening like they are wrong!
Tot morgen,
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                               Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.22.06 PM              Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.21.49 PM


Good evening everyone, Today started with an early breakfast and students then finishing all working papers and opening speeches. We enjoyed a good debate/discussion regarding our approach to this years conference, especially given that we are presenting Pakistan. Having listened/mediated their discussions, I am proud to say both Mrs. Wendy and I believe we have an exceptionally talented group of young adults ready to tackle all of which lies in front of them this week!
After lunch, we boarded a tram, then bus, then train and made our way to Rotterdam for the match between Feyenoord and Den Haag. It was a amazing experience (even for our non football fans). We were seated behind the goal amongst the local supporters and needless to say,by the end of the match, everyone was suddenly able to chant in Dutch and we enjoyed a good game ending 3-1 to Feyenoord. The highlight was seeing Robin Van Persie come off the bench – an amazing footballer who treated the crowd with a lot of respect. (We hope you enjoy the photos attached from the match).
After making our way back to The Hague and enjoying dinner, I’m happy to report all students are back in the hotel, tired but prepared and ready for what awaits them tomorrow morning in their lobbying and merging sessions. 
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